1.4 – The Garden (Book1, Ch4)

Fresh off my creation of Eve, I didn’t want to risk the God El wandering off again so before the man and his mate could even produce any offspring I wondered aloud. “Perhaps Adam and his new mate should have a special place of their own to live within? Maybe that will ensure their success in breeding.” (1)

“What do you have in mind?” El asked, only half-interested.

“I live only to serve you, Dark Lord. Perchance this may amuse you?” And I slowly created a luxurious garden, pretending to struggle along the way, and all to happy to have Zebub’s son step in and complete the work — the finished product was perhaps not as fine as I could have produced on my own, but since I remained ever cautious of inciting God’s jealously, I accepted the result of my master’s hand. We called the garden Eden and used it as the secret home for Adam and Eve – hiding it away from all the other “intelligent” (2) races such as the Amorosi, Mylars, etc, and even from Lilith (3). In any event, my master and I filled the paradise that was Eden with every imaginable delight — God even followed my ridiculous little suggestion to create a special tree that held within it what I jokingly called The Knowledge of Good and Evil. In truth, The Dark Prince had initially resisted fashioning such a tree, but when I explained that the Temptation it would produce for Adam and Eve would provide Zebub’s son with delight beyond anything he had known before the godling acquiesced.

Now whenever El’s presence visited Eden he followed my humble advice and took a dominant male form that was visibly pleasing to the first man and his mate — for interacting with them seemed to provide The Illuminated One with a curious satisfaction — one which even I could never fathom. Yet El was always quick to command Adam and Eve, “Thou shall have no other gods besides me.” And in addition I oft heard him say, “Thou can eat from any tree in the garden, but thou must never eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.” To which Adam and Eve always agreed.

Until one day when Eve was walking in the garden alone, and she heard a voice.

“Come here.” The voice hissed, beckoning her to the forbidden tree.

When Eve approached, she discovered that the voice came from a slithery creature that was wrapped around the tree — an animal which her mate had previously named Snake.

“Taste. Eat.” The snake commanded.

“No.” Eve resisted. “The Lord says we must not eat of this tree or we shall die.”

“Surely you will not die.” The snake advised.

Eve was confused, “Then why would The Lord tell us not to eat of this fruit?”

“Because he knows that if you eat of this tree, then you will become like him — a god.” The snake explained. “More importantly your eyes will be opened and you will gain the knowledge he took from you when he stole you from Illyria.”

“Illyria?” The woman was more confused. “Stolen knowledge?”

“Eat.” The snake caused an apple to fall from The Tree. “Surely you want to know The Truth, don’t you?”

The temptation was too much from Eve, who picked up the apple and took a bite – changing her world view forever.

The result was just as I, in the form of that snake, had planned.

Eve in turn tempted her mate – exactly as I knew she would.

Thus is was that when God returned again to The Garden, he immediately sensed that something was amiss. For my part, I secretly watched as he called to Adam, commanding him forth.

“Why were you hiding?” El asked. “And why are you wearing covering on your bodies?”

“We were afraid.” Adam replied nervously.

“And we are ashamed at our nakedness.” Eve added.

“Who told you that you were naked?” God’s voice was stern, and before either of his subjects could reply, he accused, “You’ve eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.”

It was a statement, not a question, yet Adam felt compelled to answer, “The woman you gave to me made me do it.”

Eve was quick to redirect the blame, “The snake you put in the garden told me to eat it.”

God let his anger grow — and I could see that the feeling provided him a measure of comfort to ease the disappointment caused by Adam and Eve. In the meantime, I emerged on the scene and when I observed my master’s great anger I smiled inside. Yet wanting El to give even more vent to his anger, I quietly suggested, “Let the Man and WoMan know Sorrow and Pain — perhaps then they will appreciate You more.”

God agreed with me and thus when he spoke again, malice filled his words. First he condemned the snake that was still wrapped around the base of The Tree, “Cursed be you among all the wild animals of this world. From this day forth, you shall crawl on your belly and eat at the dust all the days of your life! And I will put enmity between you and the woman you deceived and between your offspring and her offspring. You will strike at their heels, but they will crush your head!” (4)

After cursing the snake, God turned his attention to Adam and Eve. To Eve he said, “By this you shall know my wrath. For I shall cause you pains in childbearing and even greater pains when you give birth to your children. You shall desire your husband and he shall rule over you with authority.”

To Adam he advised, “Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you not to eat, cursed shall the ground be because of you! Though you suffer great pains to toil the land, it will produce but thorns and thistles for your efforts. By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food, and it shall be back to that very ground you will go when you die. For from the dust you came, and to the dust you shall return again. Now go, both of you – leave this Garden and do not return!”(5)

After The Dark Prince had cast Adam and Eve out of Eden, I offered an explanation to soothe my master, “Mayhap the beauty of Eden was too much for the man and his mate? For it surely tempted their focus away from worshipping you, my great master. Allow me to destroy the garden.”

“As you wish.” And El prepared to wander off again to the far reaches of the universe to further the work of Zebub’s hand.

Sensing my master’s presence looking elsewhere, I did not in fact destroy Eden. ”Let El and the humans believe Eden has been destroyed.” I said to myself as my mind calculated all the possibilities at my disposal. “This landscape may prove useful to me in the future.” And so I carefully concealed the gardens I had created in an alternate plane – one hidden between realities (6).

Meanwhile the troubles of Adam and Eve were only beginning.

Before El left Terra, I made a suggestion to put myself back in his good graces, “Perhaps you were too easy in your punishment of the WoMan? After all, it was Eve who dared disobey you first. Look at her – see how she incites the lust of her husband. And yet, Eve was your creation, master. Why not show her what true lust is?”

Without even a reply, El at once took a human form and chased down Eve, capturing her against her will and forcing himself upon her… into her. El spilled his seed into Eve and then cast her aside. The evil godling’s lust sated, El took his presence away from Terra again – but as his aura floated in The Middle Plane, he was suddenly accosted by his most feared rival – Michael, The Mighty One!

Although we hadn’t seen anyone from Illyria in The Middle Plane for eons, it now seemed that the general of A’H’s army was here to make his former friend answer for his heinous crime. For his part Lucifer cowered in fear at the unexpected appearance of his nemesis and the once proud God of this universe didn’t even put up a fight as Michael cast him down to Illusia – locking him away in that plane of existence for all eternity. After which Michael quickly returned to Illyria (7).

Having observed all this from the sidelines, I was delighted with the result. “Well, that’s takes care of Lucifer.”

I figured I’d probably have to answer for all this when next I had to return to Illusia to replenish my <hellfire> but as that was still a few centuries off, I wasn’t worried about it yet. Instead I turned my attention to Eve.


Nektar’s Notes

  1. Here’s yet another story your history books got wrong. I think you’ll enjoy my version much better – I know I certainly did.
  2. I laugh at using the word ‘intelligent’ here.
  3. I stopped keeping tabs Lilith on long ago and didn’t even know if she was still alive.
  4. Now it should be noted my spirit had long since left that unfortunate little snake and thus the poor creature was left to suffer the consequences of having been used as my pawn for the rest of eternity. Am I sorry for that? Not a chance. Such is the way of the world — the lesser exist to serve the greater, to their detriment.
  5. Sadly for the man and his mate, they lasted less than a year in Eden – how long do you think YOU could have stayed there?
  6. In a location no one has yet discovered.
  7. Which made me wonder if his little mission was authorized by A’H or if perhaps it was a covert operation that Michael devised on his own?
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