1.7 – Forward the Foundation (Book1, Ch7)

Baal-Zebub just couldn’t leave well enough alone (1). The Dark Prince’s hopes got so high that he either didn’t trust me to complete the job on my own or else wanted to give me extra support to complete my work faster, so eventually the Lord of Illusia started sending more of my colleagues to Terra. I didn’t exactly want any help, but thankfully it became apparent that some my fellow godlings were no longer fans of Lucifer (regardless of his name) or his father Zebub.

Case in point: after returning to your world, one of Baal-Zebub’s lumenarcs (let us call him Rhokii) began to question whether it was wise to have rebelled against A’H in the first place. I must admit that I first watched in horror as he actually tried to go back to Illyria – but I laughed long when I witnessed that Rhokii was not successful, for Michael and a host of A’H’s loyal lumenarcs repelled him back from the heavens. In order to return, Rhokii was told he would have to atone for his sins (2) by rescuing the stellarum who were trapped on the middle plane and helping all of them return to Illyria first. Since this was a mission doomed to failure (3), Rhokii was surely doomed for all eternity (4)). Meanwhile three more of my colleagues (Alyssa and Pan who you met before and another we’ll call Oceaus) also foolishly rebelled against our evil master’s commands. Yet rather than try to get back to Illyria like Rhokii, these three godlings instead chose to try to make the middle plane their ultimate home — they too were deemed fools in my mind, but because (like Rhokki) they chose to make Terra their home planet, I was forced to pay attention to them.

Meanwhile, when Baal-Zebub discovered their treachery, I was certain he would recall them all back to Illusia and destroy them, but what I didn’t expect was that A’H would actually protect these traitors! Yet that’s exactly what happened — for Michael The Mighty made a rare appearance in this universe and offered to protect them from being pulled back to Illusia…so long as they promised to contend against Baal-Zebub’s minions in this dimension. Although I was appalled by this, I also found it very telling – for it seemed Michael’s efforts to keep them on this plane proved one of my theories was correct: if you recall, I surmised that  if Lucifer’s fallen lumenarcs could destroy this dimension then it would adversely impact A’H and maybe even destroy It. Michael’s actions showed me I was indeed on the right track!

Unfortunately I had little time to pat myself on the back for being so smart, because when my master realized he couldn’t recall any of my back-stabbing colleagues, he did the next best thing and brought ME back to Illusia to answer for their actions! It was everything I could do to fend off disaster — since Baal-Zebub blamed me for everything that went wrong.

I had one last card to play, “Send Inanna and Samyaza with me, Master!” I begged, groveled, and did whatever else was necessary to survive. “Together we can set things right.”

The Dark Lord knew well that the two lumenarcs I named were perhaps the most twistedly evil of all the fallen ones in his stable. In addition, it was no secret that Samyaza and Rhokii hated each other so the thought was that the former would teach the latter a lesson for his treason. Baal-Zebub thus agreed to my plan, “I will send them to you. This is your final chance, Azazel. Do not fail us.”

And so I was able to return to Terra again, but this time I had company — Inanna and Samyaza each leaving a different place in your universe (5) to join me on your world. As expected, they remained loyal to Zebub’s cause (6). This was both good and bad for me — on the one hand it allowed me to remain alive, but on the other it meant I would have people looking over my shoulder, which was a nuisance — as Inanna and Samyaza soon required my constant supervision. But I assured them that, together, we would take every action to get our master free. Like Baal-Zebub, they believed my lies. That left me with a bit of breathing room.

Meanwhile, nearly 90 years after they started, Kane and his people finally reached TerrVerde. Unfortunately Kane was was a bit disappointed (7) – so the forlorn man (now 143 years old!) left his people to fend for themselves while he wandered off to die in the wild lands (8). Unable to find death, the decrepit Kane simply continued wandering – losing his mind in the process and thus his usefulness to me (9).

With their patriarch out of the picture, Kane’s sons Derk and Drok led their people throughout TerrVerde. Some of people remained in the eastern portion of the new world — we’ll call this group The Kanites, but outside of their name they are largely unimportant (12). In addition, another band went south (and they’d eventually fall under Inanna’s control). But most of the people migrated to the far west – mainly because that’s where the priests of Baal told them The Promised Lands was located. When they finally passed through the mountain ranged that separated the contentinent, they discovered a fertile land which they named Gor (10). It was in Gor that the Clans of Derk got greedy and decided to enslave their brethren (the clans of Drok). I was amused to see this when I returned and decided to let events play out – deciding that I rather liked these people who called themselves The Derkka (11).

As for the slavery of Drok’s clans, it lasted about 400 years, but eventually a savior by the name of Ajax led them to freedom(13). Ajax and his “Drokka” then installed themselves in the caverns and passageways of a mountain range that would eventually be known as The Rhokii Mountains – partly because The Drokka developed a religious system during their enslavement that placed my fellow lumenarc Rhokii as their lord. I’ll admit I hadn’t been paying much attention to all this and had I known about it I would have tried to nip it in the bud – unfortunately for me I didn’t and with Rhokii protecting his new people, I lost some (but not all!) of my ability to control them. Once the Drokka became ensconced in the mountains, not only were my Derks unable to root them out, but worse yet, The Drokka (with Rhokii’s guidance) actually had the nerve to make war on their Derkka brothers! Claiming they were fighting a holy war mandated by Rhokii himself (14), the Drokka turned the lands of Gor into a constant battlefield and over the course of the next couple hundred years the countryside ran red with blood. There were three Drokka Purification Wars (15), followed by sixty years of Drokka-Derkka Death Wars. Neither side really won a decisive victory (16), but one thing did occur – the Derkka and the Drokka solidified a hatred for one another that would last for centuries to come (17).

While all this was going a man by the name of Enok (a direct descendant of Adam via Zeth) became another unexpected thorn in my side. You might know this Enok as the same man who would become rather famous in Hebrew lore, but there’s a lot more to his story (18). He’d been born about six centuries after Eden (19) and even as a child this Enok had visions about ‘God’ – not the made up Yahway figure I taught to Adam and Zeth, but a creator god that Enok knew only as ‘the one true god.’ Now I didn’t know any of this back then, and worse yet Adam and Zeth never told my Yahway about Enok’s issues when I spoke to them under that guise. At 65 Enok fathered Methusaleh (20) and secretly taught his first born son to worship his mysterious god, but he was careful to tell him to also pay lip service to Adam’s Yahway. For his part, Enok eventually became a bit of a recluse and didn’t mix well with his father’s people, so when he was in his early 80’s he took some of his family and migrated west to TerrVerde, via the Aravan Ocean. Along the way, Enok founded a colony on an island called Altaziz (21). Enok eventually settled the rest of his people in the northeastern lands of TerrVerde, and once he was satisfied his people had a good foothold in this new world, Enok himself returned back to his fatherland. Once I got wind of these intruders, I inspired the Kanites to mix with the Enoks and for the most part these newcomers were absorbed by the sons of Derk. Only a few ‘pure bloods’ remained in a small area along the east coast of TerrVerde, but there numbers were so minuscule I didn’t bother to keep track of them for awhile  — this was perhaps my greatest mistake.

The end result of everything I’ve told you so far is simply this – by now TerrVerde was a continent overrun by a wide mix of peoples – from the legendary Mylars and Amorosi, to the common clans of the Derks, Droks, Enoks, and Kanites, and of course the scores of creatures of my own creation (including the Brutz, Gupz, and Lepeds, and numerous other warped beings I have yet to tell you about) — all of whom were contending with one another for resources and land. Add in the fact that Inanna, Samyaza, and myself all made our homes on this continent and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that TerrVerde was a disaster waiting to happen (22).

OK, where does that leave us? Well first off, this knowledge should correct a lot of the misguided ‘history’ you’ve been fed in the past. Furthermore it should bring you up speed enough for you to at least be able to make some sense of the main stories A’H wants me to share with you. Like I said, I don’t think you knowing what I’m about to tell you is going to make one bit of difference as to whether your soul will end up in Illusia or Illyria, but the big boss thinks it will and since A’H gives the orders, my job is to follow them.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s begin (23) …

Nektar’s Notes

  1. Perhaps if he had, I may well have helped the fool escape from his prison world in Illusia, but alas, Baal-Zebub kept bothering me – it was downright annoying!
  2. Seriously I’m not making this up, it’s comical huh?
  3. So far as I believed.
  4. Which I found incredibly amusing.
  5. Where I hoped to quickly return them back to.
  6. At least on the surface.
  7. As Baal, I may have told Kane that I would remove his Mark of Immortality when he reached The Promised Land, and I may have failed to fulfill that promise.
  8. Kane apparently forgot that he was immortal and didn’t realize that I wasn’t done with him yet.
  9. Kane will turn up later in our tale, but for now he was a pawn who had served his purpose.
  10. Interestingly enough Gor actually was a land flowing with milk and honey – who knew?
  11. Especially because the Derks remained loyal to Baal and were easy for me to influence.
  12. Particularly because the Kanites fell away from the worship of Baal.
  13. In a tale eerily similar to that of Moses and the Israelites – although Ajax did it about 17 centuries before Moses’ time!
  14. In reality the Drokka were merely pawns in an age-old squabble between Rhokii and Samyaza that had now boiled over on to Terra.
  15. The death of Ajax marked the end of the last one.
  16. Does anyone really ‘win’ when it comes to war?
  17. And that hate was something I could make good use of.
  18. I wish I had paid more attention to him back then too, but alas there is only so much time in the day, right?
  19. If you’re still keeping track.
  20. Another whack job if you ask me.
  21. Initiating events that would later lead to the founding of a gnostic school for wisdom – which I then skillfully used to my advantage – but that’s a tale for another time too.
  22. And disasters always make for good stories, right?
  23. Fiinally!
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