2.9 – The Twins

Location: Rhokii Pass
Time: AO 295

Hecla (1) knew she was dressed a bit risqué for a princess — wearing a black dress that left little to the imagination concerning her chest and was slit on the side to reveal all of her legs and perhaps even a view of her bottom too depending on the way she sat. The lack of underclothes only added to the effect and she hid an impish grin as she looked at her brother Hacktor (2).

The twins were sitting in Hecla’s parlor, one of the many rooms within her apartments in the palace at Rhokki Pass. The Drokka princess was half reclining on a divan she’d had imported from Regalis — stuffed with pazzierra leaves it was comfortable beyond compare and had cost Baldur a pretty penny to acquire (3). A few other chairs of excellent craftsmanship and style were situated around the room and it was in one of these that Hacktor was seated.

“Father would never agree to war.” Hacktor stared at the fireplace off in the corner, avoiding the sight of his sister’s guile.

“Perhaps not.” Hecla ran a finger up her leg, pulling her dress apart a bit more. “Unless he was forced to.”

“I asked him point blank and he denied me.” The prince grated. “Would you have me threaten him? That’s absurd.”

“You mistake me, brother. Expand your horizons beyond just yourself for a moment — consider, if father believed the Derrka posed a real threat, he would have no choice but to go to war to protect our kingdoms, right?”

At this point Hacktor finally looked at her, yet it was not with the desire that Hecla wanted to see. Instead her brother’s face displayed only irritation. “Look, I realize that you’ve been on father’s so called ‘grand council’ for a year or more, sister, but that hardly makes you an expert on war. Leave that to me.” And before Hecla could get in any snide comments, the price advised, “The Derrka are always a threat, at least those of us in the know realize this, yet why would the great Baldur the Bashful change his mind now when he is so proud of his bedroom diplomacy instead?”

I shall overlook your insults, brother…for now. Yet only because I need you…for now. Hecla stewed inside, before replying, “What if our enemies had a weapon so powerful, one capable of such massive destruction, that it could threaten our very way of life? Would not father be forced to take military action then, General Hacktor?”

“Do they?” The prince suddenly showed a genuine interest.

You are too easy.  Hecla lightly brushed a hand over her dress to cover her legs. “Perhaps they do.”

“Quit with the games, Princess. What do you know?”

“Enough. And I will tell you all, brother, if you will only listen.”

The prince did not immediately reply, yet for the first time since he’d returned to the palace more than a month ago Hacktor truly looked his sister in the eye — and with that unspoken connection only shared by twins, Hecla was certain that her brother still cared for her… still wanted her. So Mirkir has not succeeded in burning the fire out of you? Well perhaps I have that much to be thankful for. And the princess trailed a lazy finger down the trim that lined her bosom (4).

Yet Hacktor’s next words surprised her. “Hecla, why would you want to help me? Why should I trust you? And for Kalypzo’s sake, put some appropriate clothes on.”

The princess pouted, Mirkir’s hold is stronger than I hoped. “Hacktor, what happened to you? To us? Has it been so long that you’ve forgotten me?” And as tears came welling up, Hecla rushed on. “Once I heard that Mirkir was setting you free and that you’d be returning by yourself — without his thumb always upon you — I thought for sure that you would come rushing to me the very moment you returned. It’s been too long, my dearest. Ten years without you. Yet you’ve always been on my mind. It’s not right that they separated us like this. We’ve lost so much time. I’ve missed you. Please say the same.”

Hacktor looked away, avoiding the desperate gaze of Hecla’s green eyes — an unusual trait they shared — like so much else. “I can’t.” The burly prince struggled with the words. “What we did was wrong — a sin.” (5)

“Did you tell Mirkir about us?” Hecla felt at once repulsed and betrayed. “By Baal, you did! Hacktor how could you?”

“The Wyze One knows all. It wasn’t hard for him to figure that out about us. He knew without my having to tell him.”

“Ha, he tricked you into telling him. The old letch.” Now Hecla was mad, yet she worked to control her anger and bring her brother’s attention back to her. “It was a sin to separate us. Nobody understands you like I do, Hacktor. Don’t you remember our pact?”

Hacktor grunted, “We shall rule Mittengarten — as Kon-Herr and Queen — the greatest the world has ever known.”

The princess smiled, standing. “Nobody can stop us unless you let them, Hacktor. The world is ours for the taking. And I am still yours — I always have been. Come, let’s partake of each other in the way we’ve both longed for.” And here Hecla tore open her dress, revealing herself to her brother, “Take me – taste what you’ve been missing for so long.”

Yet Hacktor did not come and Hecla was left to feel like a fool standing before him. As a deep red appeared in his face around his manicured beard, Hacktor grunted, “It was naught but a childish dream. Please cover yourself, sister. Don’t remind me of my sin.”

“Your Sin — is that what you’re calling me now?” Hecla sat back upon the divan, yet left her dress open. Have I really lost him? A fear took hold in her tummy. She worked hard to keep it together yet she purposefully let fall her tears. “Even…even if you don’t want me. I still want to help you.”

“Why?” Hacktor was cautious.

Do I see a tear forming in his eyes too? Hecla wondered. “Because we still want the same thing.”

“Which is?”

“Power.” Hecla said passionately. “The power of the royal family — it’s dying you know.”

“What are you talking about? Is father sick?”

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Hecla laughed, pulling her dress closed. “It’s more esoteric than that — surely you understand that the more westernized our society becomes the more the royal family loses power. Just look at the Derrka – the great Garrick of the Golden Hand is a king in name only. Without war, he has no power. And we all know the Derkka people have no faith. Do you want that to happen here too? Does Mirkir?” (6)

“What the faith demands has not changed. Don’t blame Mirkir for that.” Hacktor thankful that his sister had covered herself. “In any case, you believe if we go to war, that will help us to protect the power of our family — but how?”

“Think, dear brother — if we win a war versus the Derkka again everybody gets what they want. You and Mirkir get your war. You defeat the Derkka and fulfill the prophecies about you. Father gets the glory as a legendary Kon-Herr. Thork and his merchants get control of the blackwood and the many crops of Gor — a boon worth living in the outerworld for, eh? Yet most importantly of all — the new resources we would control would help our citizens — that would make them all the more loyal to our family and keeps us in power.”

“And what do you get?” Hacktor was suspicious. “I already told you our dreams of being Kon-Herr and queen were just a passing fancy. Society would never allow us to wed — even if we both still wanted as much.”

“Which apparently you do not.” Hecla lowered her eyes and looked away. Wiping at her tears she stammered, “You may not know it…because you’ve been gone so long…but I am quite the trader now. I deal in exotic grains and overworld fruits.” Is that pride I see in your eyes, brother? “It’s quite profitable. But if my guild controlled Gor, well, that would be a game changer indeed. So there you have it — it’s all about money, greed — isn’t that enough to go to war?” (7)

Now it was Hacktor’s turn to get up — he walked over to the fire and picked up a poker – playing with the flames. “You seem to have it all figured out, Hecla. But again I ask — how does all this happen? Does father agree with this plan? Did you forget he is anti-war?”

“How could anyone forget that?” Hecla wanted to go over to her brother, to put her arms around him from behind, to feel him pressed against her, yet she resisted the urge. “But as I said, if Baldur had no choice, he would have to go to war if he believed the Derkka had a weapon so powerful it could destroy us.”

The prince turned around, “Again I ask, do they?”

“Does it really matter?” Hecla laughed. “So long as father and the people believe they do.”

“Again with the tricks? These are not childish games, sister. You’ve been on the council. You know they won’t recommend action unless there is a real threat.”

“What if I told you that I have access to some reports that indicate that the Derrka do have such a weapon? And furthermore that they are planning to use it in an act of terrorism against us — against The Siq.”

“The twin watchtowers?” At first Hacktor was aghast, then he frowned as if he was the butt of an unwelcome joke. “Hecla this is absurd. The Siq has stood nigh three hundred years. If anyone tried to attack those gates we’d see them coming for a league or more. That’s why The Siq was built. And besides that what weapon is powerful enough to bring them down? None I say.

Hecla played coy, “Perhaps one with the power of a god — namely the power of Zar?” (8)

“The Priory of Myz? Are they behind this?” Hacktor suddenly appeared all ears at the prospect of taking action against this known terror cell.

Hecla happily stoked his fire. At least he still lusts for something. “Indeed. They are planning this even as we speak — an attack that uses the might of Zar and that could well bring down The Siq — isn’t that a concern that father would have to listen to??”

At last the prince came over to her, embracing her, “Dear sister, if what you say is true then this is our chance! Surely father will want to take action now. Tell me more so I can find this Priory scum and drive them to the ground.”

Hecla kept her head buried in Hacktor’s chest. Tread careful now. This is the moment of truth. “But, Hacktor, if you foil their plans then you will not get your war.”

The prince pulled back and raised Hecla’s chin with a finger, “What are you saying? We can’t let them destroy The Siq — people would die.”

“People die every day. In any case, far more would die in your war.”

“To die in battle is a noble cause — the noblest. To die in a coward’s terror attack is a death fit for no one.”

“Well, I never said anyone had to die because I never said we had to let the Priory do it — only that we had to make father believe they could. But most importantly, we have to make sure father feels that it’s not just a small terror plot but that The Golden Hand himself is behind all this — only then will you get your war.”

“OK, I’ll bite again.” Hacktor smiled. “So how do we get father to believe your little lie?”

“Naturally he will need to be on hand to witness the attack.” Hecla batted her eyes playfully. “And the right people must be there to stop it.”

“You want me to be a pawn in your game? Sister, I don’t like where this is going.”

“Forget not the end result:  you would get your war — and your glory. But to be clear I don’t want you to be the pawn — that wouldn’t smell right and father might suspect something —  after all, he knows your agenda. No, no, we need you far away – doing something harmless while this all happens. Take a trip to see your buddy Mirkir, visit the orphans at school, or go cut down a blackwood tree in the overworld – just don’t be around the action on the fateful day.”

Hacktor looked down at Hecla, she always was so comfortable in his arms. At last, the prince showed genuine admiration towards her, smiling. “So father witnesses the attack, learns more about the alleged weapons of mass destruction and then sends me to off to war?”

Hecla smiled back, “Something like that.” (9)


Nektar’s Notes:

  1. Ah, my dear Hecla – although Hacktor was my star-student, I couldn’t have accomplished all my plans without his twin Hecla involved too. Let me give you a taste of her mind as well – trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. Don’t blame me for this one – Hecla’s proclivities needed no stoking from me… as you’ll soon see.
  3. But she’d earned this and much more where her father was concerned.
  4. Was incest really on Hecla’s mind? Most assuredly, but perhaps a few words are in order here. First recall that Hacktor was taken away to Iztak by Mirkir’s men when he was only eight years old. Prior to that Hacktor and Hecla had never had sex, but they’d certainly developed a very ‘close’ relationship. As they beloved children of Baldur, the king sheltered them away from the world (part of the reason for this was also because Baldur wanted to keep the fact that Hacktor was a Balkery a secret). Because of this Hecla and Hacktor didn’t have many friends besides each other. They were always together and they were always alone. As they grew, they partook in many of the classic coming of age games that little boys and girls do (“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” etc). The fact that they were twins only made their bond stronger – and prior to Hacktor’s leaving – for all intents and purposes they considered themselves to b be the same person. Had Hacktor never left, it is a certainty that the twins would have shared their first sexual encounter with each other. Instead things went differently for both of htem. Hacktor was abused by Mirkir and later lost his virginity with the help of whores introduced to him by Haraclez – as a result his sexual knowledge was warped to say the least. Yet Hecla was no better off – she lost her viriginity in a different manner (which you’ll soon discover). The important thing to know is that Hecla never stopped loving Hacktor — although by the time Hacktor returned to court Hecla had since been with countless men, her brother Hacktor was still the only man she had ever loved. But while Hacktor was gone, Hecla discovered that she could use sex as a powerful tool to get men to do her bidding — this coupled with Hecla’s extreme intelligence turned her into a powerful player at court. All that being said, Hecla really did love Hacktor — and because of this she wanted to have sex with her brother, not necessarily to control him the way she controlled others, but because she desperately wanted Hacktor’s love in return. In short, Hecla was trying to do all in her power to let Hacktor know she was available to him in every sense of the world.
  5. Although the twins didn’t have sex prior to Hacktor’s move to Iztak, when Mirkir found out about their childhood ‘games’ the priest was sure to scold Hacktor for it.
  6. Hecla – always the smart one, eh?
  7. Zar was the Drokka’s name for Gwar (truename: Samyaza)
  8. A more beguiling woman there has never been – wait till you see the full scope of her plans revealed. Ah, what a pupil!
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