3.33 – The Goddess of Lust

Location: The Northern Wastes
Timeline: Sixth Age, 47th Year, Spring

The same night I was finishing the experiment with my friend Captain Gol, another event was taking place – a rather disastrous occurrence from my point of view, yet one I never knew about until much later…

It seems that, while Kaoz was sleeping, he dreamed about a powerful female myz warrior (1). Standing nigh ten feet tall, the apparition had three heads – although their hair was different, the faces were the same and each expressed a demonic desire. Naked but for wrist greaves and calf armor, the succubus luridly showcased extra female genitalia (2). Although the enchantress would have been alluring enough already to Kaoz, she also proudly display a body that was scarred with open wounds – black blood oozing from the gashes – and in each hand she carried a serrated silver sword.

Even had he tried, Kaoz could not have pictured a more alluring sight in his wildest dreams and thus the myz eagerly responded to seductress’ calls — for no mortal could resist Inanna, the evil soul-sucking Goddess of Temptation!

Now under normal circumstances, whenever Inanna had chosen to tempt one of my underlings, it was but a frustrating nuisance – any mortal foolish enough to enjoy the over-ripe fruits of the goddess quickly suffered awful death (3). The result had always been that I lost the pawn and had to create a new one – a niggling problem for sure but not the end of the world. Yet this seduction was different…

Kaoz did not die.

For this was no ordinary seduction. Instead Inanna was purposefully targeting Kaoz — for she’d recently learned that Koaz was one of ten myz whom Keldar had sent on covert operations into the eastern lands of TerrVerde. (4)

Kaoz was the last myz on Inanna’s list. Since he’d been with me for the winter, the Goddess hadn’t been able to find him. It had taken until this very night for the succubus to finally make a dream connection with the grey giant.

Instantly, Inanna must have realized there was something different about Kaoz — as he ravished her body, the Goddess raped the myz’ mind — learning that he’d spent time with me at The Cauldron and that his destination was The Akka Mountains. Inanna surely cared little to hear about the rewards The Shaitan had promised Kaoz nor about his determination to succeed, but when she found out about a ‘lost possession’ of Death’s that Kaoz was suppossed to retrieve, there’s no doubt Lust perked up at that. 

And so it was that Inanna discovered my secret plans to acquire The Grim (5).

ARRRRRGGGGH!!! Kaoz screamed, exhausted by his violent sexual escapades with Lust.

Now that he was ripe to receive her charms, Inanna spoke to Kaoz as he languished beside her. “Listen well, Kaoz, for I would not have you come to harm.”

“Ay.” Was all that the myz could muster.

“Do you not see that Shedu Mezai (6) is not telling you all there is to know about this dagger? Are you blind? Can you not realize that the only reason Death wants such a prize is because it is likely capable of killing him, and thus he wants to destroy it?”

“The Master did not say such things to Kaoz.”

“Then listen to them from me, great lover.” Inanna spun her allure, unconcerned that she just had used up much of Kaoz’s strength during their recent passions. “Do not dare to take this prize back to The Cauldron, for if you do, it will only mean your own death. Do you not realize that Shedu Mezai never keeps his promises? He is only using you.”

“Then what should Kaoz do?” The myz’ ashen face was drawn from the drain of Lust’s lovemaking.

“The solution is a simple one. Realize the great opportunity before you — for US.” The Goddess cast her webs, forcing the sexual tension between them to rise again – a dangerous proposition for the already spent myz. “Think on it, my powerful champion – why not come to me in Ramos? Yes. Together we can be a powerful couple. Lovers. Warriors. Rapists. Pillagers. I can show Kaoz how to overthrow Keldar. But why settle for just being the next Supreme Overlord of The West, when you can be the King of the World!

The effect was not what Inanna had in mind – still exhausted, Kaoz lacked the inspiration to take action and instead could only query, “How would such a feat be possible – The Shatain would never allow it.”

“Inanna does not answer to the Shaitan” The Succubus was on the verge of murdering Kaoz for the affront and it took every fiber of her vile being to keep herself under control to try one last time. Oozing <demonic temptation> she forced Kaoz’ body to respond to her allure, “I can show you how to use The Grim to destroy Death! Then together we can rule the world. Kaoz, the Great King, and Inanna, his Queen!”

“Raaaaaawwww!” And then, although it nearly killed him, Kaoz devoured Inanna yet again. The myz now completely under her spell – yet another pawn of prophecy for the goddess to use as she desired.

And so it was that my plans were foiled yet again.

Or were they?

Nektar’s Notes

  1. Recall that there was no such thing as a female myz – I’d created them only as males for a reason – so that I could control them!
  2. If you must know, in this case the demon was displaying three breasts and two vaginas. Although that might seem shocking to you, I’ve seen the apparition sometimes appear with more heads, limbs, and genitalia than could be counted – should you ever see such a vision, I have just one word for you: RUN!
  3. I can sense you’re curious to know more about Inanna. It’s a dangerous road to travel, but if you insist, I’ll show you the way. For uncounted centuries, The Goddess of Lust had tempted the mortals of your world and men and women alike from every race and species fell under her spell. But for you depraved souls who are wishing Inanna could have visited you, take care: although the goddess would have appeared to you in whatever form you most lustfully desired, she never stayed that way for long – once she had you under her spell, she changed into her true demon form and then sucked your heart out through your sexual organ! Yet by itself, even this horrific death was preferable to the reality of what Inanna would have done to you next — for this spawn of Evil Zebub & Lucifer was a SOUL SUCKER and after killing you, Inanna would have swallowed your souls and sent it immediately to Haaz – where Lucifer and his soul EATING father would have devoured it! I’m guessing you’re not so keen on a visit from The Goddess of Lust now, eh? As for Inanna’s ability to function as a de facto <portal> that sent souls to Haaz, this was an ability that Lucifer added to the goddess’ repertoire fairly recently in our story — she didn’t possess that ability the first time I invited her to your world — and instead picked up the skill sometime during her time with Baal-Zebub in Illusia prior to her being forced upon me about a milennia past. Personally, I considered the ability to be in rather poor taste, but when I first heard that Inanna was such a <portal> I wasn’t all that surprised. I always knew that Lucifer hated my ability to hoard souls, and even though he and his father Zebub always robbed me of them in the end, I think it goaded Lucifer to no end knowing that the souls he stole from me were but sloppy seconds that I’d already enjoyed. I firmly believe Lucifer believed that Inanna would be more successful at stealing souls from Terra on his behalf than I was, but as always, Lucifer was wrong. Sure Inanna got her fair share of souls from Terra (and humans were always especially easy prey for the seductress), but her results paled in comparison to mine – after all they don’t call ME The God of Death just for fun – Terra was MY world and as such I’ve killed more of its creatures than all other godlings combined – many times over. I may have had to give all my souls to Lucifer (and now A’H), but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to savor all their delights first. #IInventedPrimaNocta
  4. How did Inanna know this? Again, although I didn’t learn about any of this until much later, apparently at some time during the past winter, there was a myz called Sizor who entered the lands of Ramos. Sizor was one of the ten spies that Keldar had sent out on my behalf. Since the jungles of Ramos were lands controlled by Sindra, the spy’s venture quickly became known to The Goddess. The myz was captured by Sindra’s minions (at a heavy cost) and brought in chains to Karkamesh (that legendary city of hedonism that Inanna once ruled over). Keldar had furnished Sizor with a made up tale about the purpose of his journey (to gather intelligence that The Overlord could use to expand his empire), but Inanna apparently saw through this easily enough and instead likely guessed that there was another person behind Sizor’s true purpose. Wily seductress that she was, Inanna must have guessed that I was the real inspiration for Keldar’s spies – the prospect surely intrigued her. Knowing that I was up to a new scheme, Inanna grew curious. Not only did she elect to keep Sizor around as her personal bodyguard (the changed in allegiance not difficult for her to accomplish), The Goddess then started a quest to learn how many others like Sizor were out there…acting on my behalf. That quest eventually led her to Kaoz – sadly for me, all of this happened right under my nose, yet I wasn’t paying attention – recall that I’d completely written off the nine other myz Keldar had sent out as meaningless pawns (a clear mistake) and that I’d then invested all of my free time into toying around with Kaoz and then Gol. Meanwhile, Inanna was meddling in my plans behind my back! Although she’d kept Sizor alive, none of the other eight myz whom Keldar had sent out ever reached their destinations –for Inanna found them, tempted them, extracted what information they knew about me (which was nothing), and then murdered them.
  5. It’s easy to fill in the blanks from there. Knowing that I was putting so much effort into a new secret mission, Inanna must surmised that the weapon I’d sent Kaoz to find was of great import. The Goddess surely remembered my fascination with The Ghast in an age long past – after all she played an integral part in helping me acquire that blade and we both knew that she made me pay dearly for her help (conning me out of the Venom of the Vipers spell – magic that she later utilized as the means to become The Queen of the snake-worshipping people of Ramos). To potentially hold this new weapon as ransom, Inanna must have figured that she could extract another powerful spell from me. Or maybe, Inanna just wanted to screw with me? Either way, she made the conscious decision to interfere with my plans – and she loved every minute of it!
  6. A moniker that the people of Ramos called me.
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