3.35 The Pleasure of Power

Location: Fubar in the Orkney Region
Time: Sixth Age, 49th Year, Early Spring

I’m not ready to tell you about Emcorae and Nathily’s training in Arbola so let me take you ahead a few years and tell you more about how my slaves Ramssee and Kaoz are doing in their quest to find me The Grim.

“AHHHH! Yes! My child, you have pleased me well!” The viperz Ramssee tensed, then relaxed – expressing his satisfaction while looking up at the fearful prostitute who was still straddling him. 

The frightened teenager had done her best to provide pleasure to the King’s Advisor, not just because it was her unfortunate profession, but mainly because, like the other girls who worked the streets of Fubar, she knew well the mystery that surrounded the women who turned a trick for Ramssee – none were never heard from again. (1)

And while Ramssee had never bothered to ask her name, Katrina hoped that her performance tonight for the advisor would earn her a ticket to happiness – despite what her friends said about harm coming to the other girls who’d visited the King’s Aide, Katrina chose to believe that Ramssee would help her. (2)

After witnessing the good thing that had happened for her friend, Katrina had been eager to be chosen for a visit to the King’s Aide – she knew Ramssee’s guards regularly trolled the streets of Fubar’s seedy districts, and she’d often worked those sections of town, hoping to be noticed – unfortunately it took her longer than expected to catch someone’s eye. After nearly two years, Katrina had almost given up hope – luckily for her, one of Ramssee’s men finally picked her up.

After ‘proving herself’ to the guard, Katrina was relieved that the man kept his promise and took her to the castle (3). Being able to enjoy the royal baths, be attended to by personal groomers, and be fitted with the softest, sexiest clothes tailored just for her, made Katrina believe she was well on her way to Easy Street.

Her stay at the palace was a whirlwind and when, after just two days, she was selected to enter Ramssee’s Palace of Delights (4), Katrina knew good things were in store for her. As soon as she’d entered The Palace, the girl was awed – exotic spices wafted around her, silks and screens shrouded cushioned alcoves that bespoke of hidden tryst locations, and tapestries and paintings covered the walls – all showing erotic scenes. Then there were the candles – oh the candles! Hundreds, nay perhaps a thousand candles were lit, casting their soft glow throughout the immense room.

Besides the surreal quality of the room itself, what struck her most was the look on the face of The King’s Aide. Although she’d never met him before, Katrina knew that that the lithe man laying on the canopied bed was surely Ramssee – he had the look of authority.

In fact, so <hungry> was the royal’s look, that Katrina didn’t even need for him to say a word in order to know what to do – for Ramssee’s eyes had a power over her (5).

Thus did Katrina let herself be ravished by Ramssee and thus did she ravish him.

It was the most intense sexual encounter of the girl’s life.

After their passions were quenched, Katrina happily remained entwined in a lovers’ embrace with Ramssee. Most of the over-sized pillows and all of the pink satin sheets had since been strewn off the bed as a result of their lust, leaving their naked bodies exposed – yet for the firs time in a long time, Katrina did not try to cover herself.

It’s comfortable here. Katrina thought. A girl could get used to this.

Outside, even though spring was blooming in the south, in Fubar, the capital city of the Orkney region in the far northeast corner of Terrverde, it would still be a couple weeks before the temperatures rose enough to say that another winter was finally over. Yet Katrina forgot all about the outside world – for here inside the master suite of Ramssee’s Palace, the colder climes were dashed away by a roaring fire in the hearth and the deep red plush walls of this private bordello. 

Her head resting against Ramssee’s shoulder, Katrina smiled her contentment again as she sighed, “Thank you for rescuing me, my lord. You’re like a dream.”

Raising her head with the intention of kissing the royal, Katrina looked lovingly into her benefactor’s eyes, expecting to see the same alluring gaze he’d been showing her all along; imagine the girl’s horror then, when she witnessed that Ramssee’s eyes had gone completely black!

Katrina’s last thought was a feeling of hopelessness as she realized she’d made a dreadful mistake.

The throes of passion gone, the King’s Aide looked with disgust at yet another whore who he needed to dispose of – quickly. Before the girl had a chance to be afraid, the viperz exposed his fangs and tore into her neck.

“Raaaawwwww!” The sinister sludge that was for the snake man’s own blood raced through his body, coursing through his veins like adrenaline as he murdered the forsaken girl. Ripping a chunk from her throat, Ramssee was quickly covered in the prostitute’s blood, the red gore surging out from her neck to swash over his face, hands, and chest, before spilling onto the sheets and eventually cascading down to the floor. 

Unconcerned with the mess – for he had many servants who knew better than to ask questions — Ramssee first slaked on the girl’s ichor, and then lay back upon the bed – casually allowing the whore’s body fall limply upon his chest, and relishing the feeling of her blood continuing to flow over his skin. (6)

Kaoz will be upset that I didn’t save this one for him. Ramssee rued the thought of having to appease his partner. But no worries, I’ll give just him a different one form the harem.

Pushing the girl’s body off, Ramssee casually tossing her corpse onto the floor. Grabbing a pillow to put under his head, the viperz pulled the sheets overtop of himself, and then calmly reached over to his night stand to pull a smoke stick out of the ashtray.

“It’s still lit?” The snake man chuckled. “Guess my passions don’t last very long anymore, neh”

Taking a long draw from the tobacco filled paper and then puffing out the fumes, the King’s Advisor let the smoke linger all around himself as he whiled away another night. Ah, a man could get use to this.

However, Ramssee wasn’t foolish enough to believe his work was done. “Alas, old boy,” he reminded himself, “There is more work to do — for Kaoz and Nektar both grow antsy by the day and, even though Dinus is gone, I have to figure out a way to rid myself of yet another King of Orkney. But don’t worry, Ramssee, one day…and soon… I will be King!”

<puff, puff> Pulling another draw on his smoke stick, Ramssee took a moment to reflect on the events that brought him to his current station in life…

Nektar’s Notes

  1. Rumors among the Fubar prostitutes were mixed – with some girls saying that the King’s Advisor did as he advertised (sending them off to new lives of carefree bliss in cities to the South), while others drew a more sinister conclusion. Which do YOU think it was?
  2. Katrina placed her hopes in a prior event. In fact, she was a personal friend of one of the first prostitutes to ever to visit Ramssee – around two years ago, she’d witness her friend Sue come back from her meeting with the King’s Aide supplied with the money, the means, and the inspiration to pursue a new life in Primcitta. According to Sue, Ramssee’s only requirement was that she left immediately and that she never turn tricks again. Katrina had personally seen her friend off the next morning in the Fall of ’47, and while it’s true that Katrina had never heard from Sue again, Katrina was sure her friend was living a wonderful life – one she hoped she’d now have a chance to pursue too. In addition, Katrina knew better than to believe everything she heard from the streets. For there were just as many rumors about all the good things Ramssee did too – the taverns were filled with praise for the King’s Aide’s volunteer work with prostitutes in which he was said to have counseled them about how to avoid evil. Of course Katrina also heard that the high society of Fubar was allegedly under the impression that Ramssee’s work was entirely ministerial in nature and completely celibate. Yet, Katrina knew better than to be so naïve as to expect that she wouldn’t have to put in a little work with The Advisor. After all, the girl knew that nothing in life is completely free and she didn’t expect it to be.
  3. The girl feared that the man might simply use her services for free and not fulfill his end of the bargain – something that had happened to her multiple times in the past.
  4. The official name of the bedchambers of The King’s Aide – the title even affixed to the entryway of the room.
  5. Recall the Power of Persuasion that I provided to my viperz like Ramssee.
  6. Despite what his upper class peers might believe, and unfortunately for naïve girls like the one he just murdered, it was the more streetwise prostitutes who were the ones who were correct about Ramssee – he was a horrible villain who murdered women. Oh sure, truth be told, in the beginning – strictly to build up his reputation and gain the trust of the former King Karl Dinus – Ramssee had indeed done all the good things he was reputed to have (to include helping Katrina’s friend Sue). Ramssee had told King Dinus that he could clean up the streets of Fubar by rescuing prostitutes from their hopeless situation and donating them the money and knowledge they needed to seek better lives elsewhere. And, for the first couple girls at least, Ramssee had done just that – making a big show of the event for all to see and winning great praises from Society for his noble efforts. However, very early on, he stopped making his “send-offs” of the girls a public display – explaining that it was too embarrassing for the young women – and gaining himself even more accolades for his apparent selflessness. Yet, the real reason why Ramssee never showcased his social works again was simply because none of the girls lived through the night after receiving his “counsel” – for in reality, he (and the myz Kaoz) had their way with the women and then afterwards invariably found a way to torture and brutality murder each one! Thus, while the streets of Fubar were indeed getting “cleaned up” and while prostitutes were often lining up for the chance to meet the King’s Aide, very few really knew what was going on inside Ramssee’s house of horror. Sadly this was a knowledge that Katrina would now take to her grave.
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