3.36 The Influencer

Location: Fubar – Capital City of Orkney
Time: Sixth Age, Spring 47 to Winter, 48

If you’ll recall, Ramssee first met with the myz Kaoz in the Spring of 47, as the latter was making his way through The Northern Wastes. The viperz used his special <Power of Persuasion> to convince the gray giant to join forces with him and together they then traveled to Fubar, the capital city of Orkney – a kingdom that was in the far northeast corner of TerrVerde. (1)

The pair arrived at the capital later that summer, and while Kaoz was forced to stay out of sight because of his freakish appearance (2), the changeling Ramssee could move about freely. Passing himself off as a traveling minstrel, he was eagerly received by the villagers who lapped up the news of the day he shared about the goings-on in other parts of the world. Ramssee persuasive powers helped him eventually receive an invate to the court of Karl Dinus – the (then) merchant king of Orkney.

King Karl was a portly bearded man who was a widower with two sons and who had a penchant for traveling around and doing good work – all of which made him an easy mark for Ramssee. The viperz easily got himself taken into confidence and soon enough became Karl’s top advisor. As payment for his services, not only did the King reward him with a healthy stipend, but he also gave Ramssee a small estate villa on the outskirts of the royal palace grounds, complete with a full complement of servants. Just as Ramssee requested, his estate was in a somewhat secluded location, giving him the privacy he desired, for he had convinced Karl and his court that despite his extroverted court demeanor, deep down, he was rather shy and had a social anxiety (3).

Able to read humans easily, Ramssee identified numerous saavy business moves that King Karl benefited from – one of the first was his advice that Karl arrange the marriage of his son Diked to the sister of his son’s friend Dugan Finch (4). Dugan’s father Merrill Finch was the richest man in Monthaven and his wealth had ballooned after the passing of his business partner (5), therefore the joining of the Dinus and Finch households appeared to be a win-win for all involved (6).

And so it was that Prince Diked Dinus was betrothed to Lynsy Finch – the engagement was entirely arranged by the fathers and the children never actually met. Most importantly, the ease of the arrangement’s negotiations (7), quickly caused Ramssee’s reputation to skyrocket – earning him Most Favored Son status in Fubar.

Things were going rather swimmingly for Ramssee – that is until Kaoz started causing problems.

By the Fall of 47, the myz was tired of skulking in the shadows – and he paid a visit to his partner to let him know it. The timing of Kaoz’ visit was rather inconvenient for Ramssee – who was with a prostitute as the time, but as a small thanks for not disturbing his dallies with the girl, rather than kill her himself, once he realized Kaoz was watching him from the bedroom window, Ramssee invited him in and then let the myz have his way with the whore as well – with Kaoz inevitably killing the girl in the process of satisfying his own passions.

While Ramssee was not exactly thrilled to see the myz (8), the King’s Advisor accepted things as they were, and assured Kaoz that he was already making progress with their agreement.

“I have the King’s ear, friend.” Ramssee advised. “We’ll have access to Akka in no time.”

“Live the high life if you want,” Kaoz slithered, “so long as I get The Grim.”

With Kaoz now living at his estates, the privacy issue became even more important for Ramssee – not only did two of them agree that the myz would stay hidden among the shadows of the viperz’s private villa, but the King’s Advisor became highly selective about which servants he allowed to work for him – making a show of hiring the more unfortunate members of society (particularly those who were deaf or dumb) as part of his public works projects. (9)

The next event worth noting occurred in the final month of the Fall of ’47 – when King Karl went away on business – just before the Winter Storms were set to arrive. The king left left his oldest son Brinn in charge of the kingdom – with Ramssee and the Captain of the Guard Alec as his chief stewards (10).

With the King gone, Ramssee used his position as Advisor to effectively run Orkney through Brinn, however he was forced to keep all his dealings above board because (in addition to Brinn’s good nature), the viperz sensed that Captain Alec was not a fan of Fubar’s Most Favored Son.

However, in spite of these frustrations, it was during this time period that another member of the Royal Family began to show promise – Brinn’s younger brother Diked Dinus.

With the court practically running itself (11), Ramssee found multiple reasons to spend time alone with young Diked. The two became fast friends – at least that was what Ramssee let Diked believe. More importantly, Diked proved Ramssee’s faith in him was justified — for the boy was easily corruptible and eventually emerged as the potential linchpin in the viperz’s covert plans.

Those plans were developing nicely – from Ramssee’s point of view – however events were not moving fast enough for the myz.

“Why aren’t miners digging in Akka yet?” The Myz complained.

“Kaoz, my partner,” Ramssee soothed. “These things take time. But rest assured, we’re making great progress.”

“Progress? You’ve already been nigh half a year!”

“Miners can’t dig in the winter.” Ramssee explained. (12)

“Why didn’t you have dig during the warmer months? Krat! We should already be on our way back to The Shaitan with the dagger!”

“I’m sure The Shaitan appreciates our efforts.” Ramssee began to let his eyes spin persuasively. “I’ve worked hard to earn the King’s trust. I now have his son under my control. Rest assured, Kaoz, the plans you and I have made ARE working.”

“So you have secured the King’s blessing for us to enter Akka?”

“Not exactly.” Ramssee admitted, looking away.

“What’s the problem?” Kaoz raged.

“The King is afraid that his people will contract the Plague of Akka if they disturb that Drrukka graveyard.”

“Arg. Ramssee thinks he’s a great talker, but Kaoz don’t see no results!”

“Sometimes you can’t SEE results, my friend.” Ramssee’s eyes began to spin again. “Give me a little more time to see if Karl responds. If he doesn’t, we’ll get rid of him.” And with a smile, he added. “That’s where YOU come in, Kaoz. Don’t you see, either way you’ll be getting satisfaction soon!”

Kaoz smiled at the prospect of murdering a king and let his anger subside…for now.

I’m going to have to give him a bone soon. Ramssee thought, as he smiled back at the myz. This dog won’t heel forever.

Early that winter, the snake man came up with an idea that he was sure would make everyone happy. His plan offered Kaoz an opportunity to get more involved and it promised to help advance their plans with the royals.

Knowing he needed to pull Diked over to the dark side faster, Ramssee invited the King’s younger son to a private dinner at his villa. The evening started pleasantly enough, with The Advisor and Diked sharing a well-trimmed meal in Ramssee’s ornate dining room, his servants silently tending to their every needs. After the meal, Ramssee invited Diked to continue their conversation under the stars as they walked along the paths of his private gardens. (13)

Outfitted in heavy, fur-line coats to protect them against the icy climate, the soles of their boots clicking as they walk along the pavers of the garden. Ramssee continued his enticing talk and with every word the viperz spoke, his frosty breath cut the cold air. When he wasn’t talking, Ramssee was puffing on a smoke stick and every so often he would let Diked have a draw as well – a taste of the forbidden which the teenager was thrilled to have the opportunity to partake of. In time, they passed the main fountain in the center of the garden and eventually came to the entrance of hedge maze (14).

“Shall we?” The viperz goaded the boy

Here the teenager paused, pulling his furs closer around himself and wondering whether it was perhaps just better to return to the confines of the house, rather than to venture into a dimly lit shrub puzzle with his father’s steward on a night that was growing colder by the candle mark.

“You’re not afraid of the dark are you, Diked?” Taunted Ramssee. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“It’s not that,” stammered the young prince. Ever since he’d met his new ‘best’ friend, the boy couldn’t get enough of Ramssee. However, as they neared the maze, a strange chill ran up Diked’s spine, and in his heart of hearts he knew sure wasn’t just the cold weather Orkney’s winter night. 

“Diked, look at me.” The snake man’s eyes began to spin – yellow, black, and green swirling in a hypnotic mix. “There is nothing to fear. This is the night we’ve all been waiting for. There’s someone I want you to meet. Are you willing to take the next step with me?”

Captivated by Ramssee’s gaze, the boy mouthed, “Yes.”

“Excellent.” The King’s Aide smiled. “Well then, let’s enter the maze and meet your friend. I’ve already told him all about you. He is very excited to meet you. You’ll like him, Diked. His name is Kaoz.”

Throughout the rest of that winter, Ramssee and Kaoz took great pains to “scar” Prince Diked – effectively brainwashing him into living a life of evil. They let him watch as they raped and tortured the whores of Fubar, showing him how to take delight in the pain of others. After a few sessions in which Diked only watched, eventually Ramssee invited the the prince to actively participate – the boy thus lost his virginity in an ordeal that was a mix of physical and mental abuse – violent, dominating, and extreme.

“Don’t listen to their screams.” The snake man instructed the prince. “These women wanted to come here. They knew what we would do with them. They were asking for it. They delight in this abuse.” (15)

At first, Ramssee didn’t allow Diked to see what happened to the whores after they finished with them, telling him that he and Kaoz did send them away to a better life as everybody thought. But, once Diked began to accept more evil thoughts, soon enough they brought him into their fold further, allowing him to witness them killing the girls – for, as they explained to him, this was necessary in order to keep Fubar cleansed of the vile black magic that women do.

“I want to try too.” The prince grinned – his smile a delight to both Ramssee and Kaoz who were pleasantly surprised to see Diked so eager to try his hand at killing.

However, Ramssee would not allow Diked to take a life yet.

“Your first time has to be special, meaningful.” The Advisor explained. “Wasting it on some two-bit whore is not what I have in mind for you. For now you will only watch…and learn.”

As the new year bloomed, while Winter still held its grip over Orkney, the King’s Aide continued to teach Prince Diked about the possibilities of Power.

“A royal takes what he wants.” The King’s Aide had instructed. “Everything you see, everyone you meet, it is all there for the taking.”

Next Ramssee and Kaoz helped Diked experience the thrill of kidnapping homeless people from the streets of Fubar and bringing them back to the villa so that Kaoz would ‘play’ with them in a variety of ways (16).

The prince’s bloodlust grew by leaps and bounds and he again expressed a desire to be allowed to take a life, yet Ramssee resisted. Even when Kaoz growled his displeasure at the viperz’ delay, still Ramssee would not budge.

“The first kill must be special.” The King’s Aide rebuked. “Some low-life from the streets doesn’t quality. Trust me – I have a plan.”

Yet the viperz would not tell just who or what the circumstance was he was planning for Diked’s first kill. When the prince continued to whine, Ramssee encouraged Diked to think of other pursuits.

“Shouldn’t you be visiting Monthaven?” The snake man planted his seed.

“Why?” The prince was confused. “Everything I want is here.”

“Don’t you have a fiancé waiting to meet you?” Ramssee chuckled.

“I wonder what she’s like?” Diked smiled – his sexual appetites aroused at the thought of a new conquest.

Naturally Kaoz and Ramssee encouraged him to find out.

Netkar’s Notes

  1. You’ll recall I was the one who first commissioned Kaoz to travel to Orkney – assigning him the task of finding the Grim dagger from the dwarves of Akka. Although Inanna later duped him into serving her behind my back, I anticipated as much and thus sent my viperz Ramssee to ensure that Kaoz stayed on the straight and narrow for me.
  2. Recall that myz knights were nigh ogre-like creatures and Kaoz was larger than average – standing over six and a half feet tall and weighing over 17 stones.
  3. Thus making Ramssee the first person in history to use that term.
  4. Ramssee had identified Dugan as a useful shill when he’d met the boy during the latter’s summer visit to Orkney.
  5. That would be Master Jon Stapleton – you remember him, right?
  6. The Finch’s generous dowry provided King Dinus with a new source of income, whilst Merrill Finch stepped into a royal family.
  7. I’ll direct your attention again to Ramssee’s <Power of Persuasion>. Gee, I wonder who had the foresight to equip him with such magic? Hmm…
  8. He’d been hoping that Fubar guards would have captured and killed Kaoz by now. The viperz was stumped as to how Kaoz had managed to remain in the shadows of Orkney (for not a single report about him was ever mentioned at court), however he chalked it up to the myz’s tracker ability and left it at that. 
  9. Speaking of public ministry – it was largely to keep Kaoz occupied that Ramssee began his highly-publicized “ministerial” work with the prostitutes of Fubar in which he provided them the means to start a new life elsewhere – for he needed some excuse to explain the girls’ disappearance after he or Kaoz killed them. 
  10. Brinn was a problem for Ramssee – for Karl’s oldest son and heir to the throne was unfortunately too nice of a person to be swayed to the dark side and was effectively immune to Ramssee’s persuasive powers. This made Brinn a de facto road block to Ramssee’s plans.
  11. Not a lot happened at Orkeny’s court during the Fall and Winter months – for the place was usually snowed in and received few visitors.
  12. This was actually not true and it showed Ramssee lack of knowledge about mining in general – after mining is an underground operation and not affected by the weather above ground. Luckily for him, Kaoz didn’t know any better.
  13. It should be noted that during the course of their developing friendship, Ramssee had continually appealed to Diked’s adventurous side by telling him things in confidence about the viperz’ supposed prior travels throughout the wide world. This was of course all lies. The fact is that Prince Diked had been to far more places while traveling with his father King Karl than Ramssee ever had – for recall the viperz was only recently created by me. Nonetheless, Ramssee’s persuasive ability was more than sufficient for him to be able to weave a compelling tale to entice the young man into believing him. Furthermore, the King’s Aide had also told Diked that soon he would introduce the prince to a special friend – a secret persona that only Diked would know in all of Fubar! When at last, Ramssee was certain that the prince was trustworthy enough to keep their secret, then it was that he had arranged this special dinner.
  14. A little gift that Ramssee had given to himself earlier that summer. A location that he’d used time and again for a tryst or two.
  15. Sadly Diked’s beliefs about how it was appropriate to treat women were warped by Ramssee’s teachings.
  16. Once again, the privacy afforded by Ramssee’s villa made for the perfect setting for Kaoz’s fun. The vipzerz and the myz were able to show Diked the joys of various torture methods – thumb screws, flaying, amputation, and more. Oh, I wish I’d been there to enjoy it all with them!

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