3.7 In the Beginning

Location: Arbola Forest
Timeline: Sixth Age, 45th year, Spring

“Tell me about The Beginning, Nonni. Where do we come from?” Nathily asked Dallegheri.

It was the end of spring of 45 and Nathily sat with her grandfather under one of the Grand Oaks in the Center Vale. It was a day of rest for Dallegheri and the rest of the Arbola Council and that gave the oldster a welcome break from the worldly events he was oft saddled with. 

“Well, well. That’s quite a question, my dear!” Her grandfather replied, eyes a-twinkle beneath his bushy brows. Putting on his best story-telling voice he began, “Hrrumph, ahem. Well, first of all, you know that we are a peace loving people. We have always tried to live in harmony with Nature and all the wonderful creations which our gods have blessed us with. We call ourselves the ‘Amorosi’ because in our own tongue that means ‘the lovers of the world.’ And in a sense that’s what we are, for we feel forever compelled to cherish the inspiring beauty of this miraculous world — especially the living poetry that is to be beheld in the subtle nuances of the green and golden forests of Terra. In fact, did you kno–”

“But, who made us?” Interrupted Nathily.

“Ah, now I see,” said Dallegheri with a smile, his wrinkles dimpling and the lines around his eyes softening. “You really do want to know about the past now don’t you? Well, if that’s the case, then you should know this: Only the now mysterious and seclusive little Mylars have walked upon this world before the Amorosi.” (1)

“Oh, come now, Nonni, are the Mylars real?” queried the elfess, scoffing at the popular legend about a race of little people who were supposedly the true “caretakers” of all the world – yet whom no one Nathily knew had ever really seen.

“The Mylars are quite real.” Her elder raised a cautioning finger. “Our people and our Mylar brethren were the two original races, and while both of us were created near to the birth of the world, it was indeed the Mylars who were here long before us. The History of the Ages tells us that the Mylars were created by the coupling of the gods Pan and Ahnya, in what would mark the very First Year of the very First Age of Terra!” (2)

“So that was the Beginning of Time?” The elfess gasped.

Dallegheri chuckled as he patted his pupil on the head, “No, my beautiful but innocent Amora. While the Mylar creation marked the beginning of Recorded Time, there was much that happened prior to the coming of our little fathers. Even before the birth of our own world, there is an entire history we know little about. Alyssa tells us that shortly after Pan and Ahnya had come into existence with the genesis of our world, those two deities had immediately set to work individually on populating Terra with all our wonderful plants and loving animals. Yet, eventually it came to pass that Pan – the God of the Fertility – seduced the goddess Ahnya — Mother Earth herself – and their union brought forth the Mylars, the first race of a then young world.” (3) 

“It was not until some time later,” Dallegheri contined, “that our lore tells us of the most important event in our own history. Do you know what this was?”

Nathily, ever the attentive student, replied, “Our goddess Alyssa cascaded forth one quiet summer’s day from a shimmering waterfall that fell gently into a lovely secluded forest glade.” Smiling, she went on, “And that location is now the very heart of Meridia Forest – the most ancient of Amorosi abodes.” (4)

“Very good,” Dallegheri encouraged, full of pride. “And Pan, lounging next to the water’s edge, was playing soothing music on his pipes, while admiring his own image in the reflective pond. Thus it was that Pan just happened to be present at this, ‘Alyssa’s Birth.’”  

“And Pan was instantly awe-struck by Alyssa’s beauty.” Said a wistful Nathily. 

“Yes, the ‘Goddess of Love,’ an aroused Pan thus named Alyssa. And Pan immediately seduced our maiden goddess as she stood there before him in all her divine glory. From their union was born the second race of Terra: our people, the Amorosi.” (5)

“So, this was all during the First Age of Terra?”

“Yes, my dear. For thousands of years the Mylars and the Amorosi, together with the three living gods of Terra — Ahnya, Pan, and of course our Alyssa — and along with the multitude of varied creatures on land, sea and in the air, we were all that existed in the world. And everybody lived in peace and harmony with one another, while the Almighty Creator, El-Aba, The Father, silently watched over his creation from his home in the heavens above.”

“Which we call ‘Illyria,’ right?” said the elfess. (6)

“Yes, El-Aba’s hayven is Illyria.” Agreed Dallegheri. “But, did you know that it was Alyssa, the Goddess of Love, who actually gave us the name ‘Amorosi?’”

“Yes, sir. But why?”

Dallegheri smiled, relishing this opportunity to discuss his knowledge his newly interested grandchild. “Throughout history, Alyssa has forever remained close to us. And while she would later also accept the worship of others on Terra, still our people have always been her favorite. As a result she let us know some of her secrets – for lo, even a goddess has intimate tales to tell. We in turn gave her the special name ‘Alyssa’ – which in our language personifies the concept of an almost reckless, yet very noble, willingness to risk everything for the sake of finding true love.” Pensively, the elder added, “It is a name that would come to fit the goddess’s personality all too well, as time itself would show.” 

“So, are you saying that the Mylars and the Amorosi were the only two peoples that had ever known our world as it once was?” asked Nathily. 

“By that do you mean before Evil Zebub, the Fallen One, had unleashed Death, Hate, and Temptation upon this middle plane?” (7)

“Yes, The History talks about The Age of Harmony, tell me about that please.”

“Ah, little one,” Dallegheri began, “it was during that wondrous Age of Harmony that Terra was unblemished. It was during those millennia that the Mylars helped their Amorosi brethren to cultivate our intimate bonds with the animals of this world – for this is when we first came to acquire the Mylar ability to communicate with many of the woodland creatures that share this planet with us. Yea, although we have not yet developed the same proficiency in being able to communicate with all animals and even the great arbols like the little fathers, still our skills have continued to grow, and it has served our people well for many ages.

“Yes, Nathily, it was during that joyful era, that our people took pleasure in the many different locales that Terra had to offer. For you see, Amorosi explorers went out in all directions to search the globe in an attempt to learn more about the world in which we lived. It was a venture that was largely inspired by the tales of our Mylar friends. For they had long since stepped foot on every inch of this planet.”

“But, I do not understand, Nonni,” Nathily questioned. “Are not the Mylars a most diminutive people?”

“Amorae mine, dost thou not know that size alone does not matter? It is what is in the heart that counts most.” Dallegheri admonished. “Dost thou not know the most famous words of Sanexpury?”

“I’m sorry, Nonni, I don’t remember,” admitted the elfess.

“Tsk, tsk, it’s my fault, I should have given you his poetry sooner,” Dallegheri said while searching around his desk. Finding the scroll he wanted, he removed the tie and rolled it open. When he found the appropriate spot, he read…

“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes…”

Dallegheri handed the aged parchment to his granddaughter. “Careful my dear, for this scroll is old beyond compare. Sanexpury was a world traveler and he lived for a time with the Mylars.”

Shocked, Nathily gingerly held the paper, almost afraid to move it, “Are you saying this is a scroll from the First Age? From The Age of Harmony?” 

Dallegheri smiled, “Ah, would that we still had more of Sanexpury’s work, for he was truly an inspiration. Yes, he did indeed live AND travel with the Mylars. He wrote much about his journeys with them. Yet, alas, that scroll you hold is only a copy of a copy of the Meridia poet’s original work. Sadly, much of his writing disappeared when he himself also failed to return from a world tour – one that he ventured to take entirely on his own. Whatever became of him, none know. And whether any papers with Sanexpury’s own hand still exist, I cannot say. Perhaps the Mylars might have them. Yet, e’en still, the parchment you hold is over 10,000 years old – it is from the Third Age.” (8)

“Oh, Nonni, I will handle it with care, read its words, and return it to you quickly.” Nathily was in awe, yet still curious she asked, “Yet, I do not see how Sanexpury’s words relate to the Mylars?”

“Well, perhaps this might help you to understand. For you see, although we named the Mylars the ‘Little Fathers,’ Sanexpury referred to them as the ‘Little Princes.’ He was perhaps one of the first to truly understand them. He knew that despite their tiny one to two foot size, the ‘diminutive’ Mylars were incredible adventurers and successful explorers. He learned much from them, for both on land and at sea, the Mylar inquisitiveness, together with their long life spans helped them to obtain an almost limitless supply of knowledge about Terra, which the Mylars called ‘Gaia.’” (9)

“How long does a Mylar live? I thought our people were the longest lived?

“Even I do not know for sure, my dear.” Replied Dallegheri. “Yet, The History tells us that the average life span of a Mylar may be thousands of turnings of the globe! This is one reason perhaps why the Mylars became so knowledgeable. It is surely why our people named them the ‘Little Fathers of the World.’ Yet, luckily for us, they gladly shared their understanding with us, their younger brothers. 

“In addition, the Mylar Age of Enlightenment was a period that took place many millennia before the coming of the Amorosi! By that time Mylar builders had already erected structures of such grandiose design that they promised to be world wonders for all time!  Sanexpury visited each and every one of these locations with his Little Princes. Yet he was not the only one to see them, for they stand even to this day! And whenever any of our great Amorosi adventurers witness one of these awe-inspiring sights, one can imagine how they must be continually amazed at the effort that must have been put forth by the little Mylars to have created such truly humongous miracles. Yet, The History tells us that even when we had more contact with the Mylars, whenever we would inquire as to the nature of their construction, the purpose of those buildings, or else why the Mylars had now abandoned them, curiously enough, our elder brethren would not answer those questions. And whether or not Sanexpury himself knew, again, with the loss of his writings, we cannot say for sure.”

“But, why, Nonni? I thought you said that the Mylars were happy to share their knowledge with us?”

Dallegheri smiled at the attentiveness of his granddaughter. “Ah, my raggamina, I would say that everything has a time and place. The History states that the Little Fathers would only advise us that ‘the time will come for all things to pass and for that which was hidden to be made known.’ And that answer is good enough for me.”

“And the centuries passed almost uncounted.” Said a wondering Nathily. A far off look in her eyes.

“Yes, my dear. Yet, unfortunately, those joyous times did not last forever.”

Nathily frowned, “Like all good things, they did come to an end?”

“Yes,” replied the Lore Master, his voice deepening in pitch as he spoke on. “For Zebub, forever locked in his eternal hellworld of Illusia – that third astral plane below earthly Terra and heavenly Illyria – finally discovered a way to begin his attempt to destroy El-Aba’s creation. For while Evil himself discovered only too late that he had unwittingly trapped himself within Illusia, Zebub eventually came to learn that this same bondage did not apply his ‘creations.’ He correctly surmised that he could send evil spirits up to the middle plane where they might more directly perpetrate his vile deeds for him. And so it was that Zebub created Azazel – thus did Evil create Death! And so ended the innocence of our world.” (10)

“It was a dark day,” Dallegheri continued ominously, “when Azazel, Grim Death, first set foot upon the middle plane, and it marked a turning point in history. For the skeleton god’s arrival sent shock waves through the world, and his presence changed the very make-up of the lands – mountains heaved forth, seas rose up to swallow entire coastlines, and the as-yet-still-one main land mass of the world broke apart into smaller, separate continents!” (11)

“That’s horrible.” Gasped Nathily. “Why would Alyssa let this happen?”

“Sweet Nathily, not even our beloved Alyssa is ‘all-powerful.’ Even she cannot fight Destiny. Remember the wise words of the Mylars.”

“Yes, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ is that what you mean?” 

“Correct, my amora. In fact, there was some good that came from the coming of Azazel. For his penetration into this plane triggered the creation (perhaps maybe even the release?) of the brother gods Promesius – Lord of the [newly created] Mountains – and Oceanus – King of the [now ever-changing] Seas. And as you know from The History, those two benevolent servants of this planet would later confront Azazel and his evil minions on many, many occasions.” (12)

“So, even the coming of Azazel was not an entirely bad event?”

“Perhaps. Yet, Azazel is the God of Death. And he is truly evil. Do not take his presence lightly.”

A shiver went up Nathily’s spine before she was able to manage, “But where does Death live?”(13)

“After wandering the world for a few thousand years, eventually Azazel came to settle in a forsaken locale: a huge dark mountain in the far north, at the very end of the continental divide on TerrVerde. Death chose our continent most likely because TerrVerde was the locale that had the most life then teeming on it. And the black mountain he chose was an active volcano that had first risen when the world had been broken with his cataclysmic arrival. Tragically, Azazel’s coming was a catastrophic event that took the life of many a Mylar and countless elves.”

Here both Nathily and her grandsire paused, for the loss that Dallegheri just spoke of was tragic indeed. (14)

Eventually, Dallegheri spoke on (if only to push away the grief), yet his words were again dark, “The towering mountain that Death chose for his home had been cracked apart and the volcano’s spew had created deep chasms in the land like nowhere else in the world; The History tells us that when Azazel looked upon that landscape with a wicked grin, for to him it embodied the grisly gashes that he hoped to forever rend in the living fabric of the good earth. The Cauldron that depraved place came to be called and such a ghastly abomination the world has ne’er seen before.  

“Thus did the First Age of Terra come to a sudden and unexpected close.” Dallegheri concluded his lesson.

Nathily remained silent in fear and wonder and what her grandfather would say next.

Nektar’s Notes

  1. This is only partially true – you may recall that myself and my mates were the first visitors to your world – think of us at Ancient Aliens. After that it was Adam, and Lilith. I encouraged Pan to couple with Lilith and they begat the Mylars. Adam and Alyssa begat the Amorosi.
  2. This is in fact NOT true – Ahnya is the Amorosi name for the goddess Gaia – that lumenarc who Lucifer and I used to create Terra. The Mylers were not birthed by Pan and Gaia, but instead the union of Pan and Lilith – as orchestrated by me.
  3. Again this is all patently false. It’s a great example of our people can write whatever they want in ‘history’ books and call it ‘facts,’ when in reality the story is far different. For me read this.
  4. Oh, what a nice fairy tale – and yet far from the truth.
  5. Lies, lies, lies! As I said, the Amorosi were birthed from Alyssa and Adam.
  6. Well at least they finally got something right.
  7. In fact this is entirely backwards – as you know we ‘evil’ gods were all here before the Amorosi or Mylars arrived.
  8. Even I don’t know what happened to Sanexpury.
  9. As you can see, the Mylars knew the truth about Terra and Gaia.
  10. I’m actually insulted by this! The thought that Lucifer ‘created’ ME is preposterous! Lucifer is too stupid to have ever created anything of value in the universe and it was only by sheer dumb luck that Zebub picked him to be Its lackey. But hey, at least they got my truename right.
  11. A smattering of truth.
  12. Not even close to the truth.
  13. Be careful what you wish for, Nathily. Maybe one day you’ll find out!
  14. Actually I thought it was pretty glorious – just saying.
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