About This Book

“There is no one so good that he has no faults, and none so evil that he is worth naught.”

Edith Hamilton, Mythology

The Apocrypha of Azazel is a fantasy novel that tells the tale of an era long since past and of which very few records remain…until now.


With the recent discovery of a set of once-lost diaries, we’re finally getting a glimpse into the past – along with the help of a certain minor deity who has graciously agreed to be our guide.

Azazel, the narrator of our tale, has historically ranked only among the lesser “gods” of our world, but as you’ll soon discover, this would-be demiurge actually played a major role in shaping the history of Mankind.

Who is Azazel?

What’s that? You’ve never heard of Azazel?

Poppycock. You know Azazel as well as you know any other godling. Oh perhaps you may not know him by the name “Azazel,” but you know him just the same.

For the fact is that the deity that is Azazel has been known to more people throughout the world than any other god ever conceived by the mind of man!

Yes, I have no doubt you know Azazel – because everybody knows him.

Azazel is The God of Death.

This is his story… and yours.

Why Azazel?

You may be wondering why Azazel is functioning as our narrator?

The reason is rather simple.

The Apocrypha of Azazel is a set of historical novels and since Azazel is the only person who not only lived the events in question but is still alive to testify about them, he makes the perfect ‘proof source’ for this work.

Even when our tale includes stories that do not directly involve him, Azazel remains the thread that binds everything together – for you’ll soon discover that this deity’s fingerprints were evident everywhere.

Azazel – The Pawn of Prophecy?

For his part, although he was (is) a god-like figure, Azazel was also a tortured soul who had been used as a pawn in the never-ending struggle between Good and Evil.

Prior to The Great Floods, the fallen angel Azazel was primarily under the control of Baal-Zebub (Lord of the Underworld) in the latter’s quest to overthrow The Great Creator A’H; yet all the while Azazel was secretly trying to destroy the works of BOTH of the High Gods in the hopes that he could install himself as the Ruler of the Three Planes.

Clearly things didn’t work out for him — events came to a head for Azazel with The Floods – after which he found himself at the mercy of A’H, working in a penitent role which required him to ferry the souls of the dead to their deserved everlasting resting (or torture) place — a position which Azazel begrudgingly still holds to this very day.

Redemption Awaits

The Apocrypha of Azazel is a story about forgiveness and repentance.

It’s a tale as yet incomplete – for while the god of death has long been forgiven for his crimes, Azazel has still not repented of them.

And until the circle of redemption is complete, Azazel will remain a fractured soul.

Yet Death is himself but a microcosm of our world, which is also fractured – and upon which there is a constant battle between the forces of Good and Evil (where it’s often difficult to identify which side is which).

Perhaps the most important point is this…

If Azazel can find a way to repent and accept his own salvation, then mayhap the Evil One can as well?

For whether we name him Satan, The Devil, Baal, or something else, the fact remains that, only when the Dark Lord Lucifer and his father Ze make peace with A’H – only when Evil and Good unite together again — can the universe, our universe, finally become whole once more.

Yet whether or when this Ultimate Redemption might happen, who can say?

Azazel and YOU?

Perhaps after reading this story YOU will discover the key to the Redemption Riddle and provide the missing link that finally brings Peace to all creation.

Sound impossible?

You’ll never know unless you try – so turn the page and get started

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