3.17 – The Mysstro

Location: Monthaven Timeline: Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn Emcorae Azop’s grandfather Alfranco was continuing the regale the crowd at The Brandonale Inn with his stories about The Last Great War. He’d just made mention of the famous Azora warrior El-Janus. (1) “Janice? That’s a girl’s name, ain’t it?” One of the guys laughed. “Hey, what’sContinue reading “3.17 – The Mysstro”

3.16 – All Hail The King

Location: Monthaven (1)Timeline: Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn (2) You’ll probably be relieved to know that the entire story doesn’t center around me. Although personally I think it would make for a more interesting read, I must defer to His wishes so I guess it’s high time I introduced you to some of the otherContinue reading “3.16 – All Hail The King”

3.10 – Supreme Overlord

Location: KagorTimeline: Sixth Age of Substance, 46th Year, Spring <RRRRRRRRRR-BOOM-BOom-Boom-boom…> The skies over Kagor roiled black, clouds swirling in a staccato dance, as the thunder echoed off the mountain crags.  <Ka-CRACK!> Heat lightning ripped through the sky, the tear resounding throughout the land during yet another spring storm. Like most weather events on the island,Continue reading “3.10 – Supreme Overlord”