3.29 The Pleasure of Power

Location: Fubar in the Orkney RegionTime: Sixth Age, 49th Year, Early Spring “AHHHH! Yes! My child, you have pleased me well!” The viperz Ramssee tensed, then relaxed – expressing his satisfaction while looking up at the fearful prostitute who was still straddling him.  The frightened teenager had done her best to provide pleasure to theContinue reading “3.29 The Pleasure of Power”

3.26 The Wooden Sword

Location: Montaven and beyondTimeline: Sixth Age, 46th Year, Autumn A fortnight later, Beckali, Alboris, Alfranco, Paulina, Teree, and Chich cried together whilst they watched Emcorae ride away from home in the company of a mysterious little elf that only Alfranco knew anything about. The old man had introduced the Amorosi as El-Janus — that same azoraContinue reading “3.26 The Wooden Sword”