Book III – Resurrection of The Grim

Book III of The Apocrypha of Azazel is called The Resurrection of The Grim. This book is also the beginning of a sub trilogy called A Grim Future? that comprises book III-V of the Azazel book realm.

This story continues the tale of Azazel’s quest to find The Grim – a seemingly insignificant dagger that is in reality a weapon capable of killing a god. By a strange twist of fate, the weapon ends up in the hands of Emcorae Azop – a human boy from the backwater town of Monthaven – who has no idea he possesses such a magical blade and who is instead focused on his own problems – seeking revenge for a lost love. Emcorae is aided in his quest by the Amorosi warrior Nathily and the Drokka prince Barkla and thus is form the famous Trio whose exploits comprise much of the storyline in the Grim Future trilogy.

Author’s Notes

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Resurrection of The Grim

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