3.48 The Arrow Not Released

Location: Arbola ForestTimeline: Sixth Age, Year 52, Early Spring  After Nathily’s failure at The Glade, she lay that night in one of the bunks at the Azora camp, her mind was racing with visions. Finally a memory came that calmed her, and smiling at the thought, Nathily remembered some of her first encounters with Emcorae Azop.Continue reading “3.48 The Arrow Not Released”

3.42 The Hunger Never Dies

Location: Fubar in the Orkney RegionTimeline: Sixth Age, Spring, 51 Sometimes the Sands of Time seem to drain quickly, sometimes they appear to be stuck in the Hourglass. Ramssee could certainly attest to the validity of that statement – for during his short time in Fubar, the Viperz had experienced a smattering of good thingsContinue reading “3.42 The Hunger Never Dies”