3.30 Arbola

Location: Arbola ForestTimeline: Sixth Age, 46th Year, End of Autumn “It’s a pleasure to meet you, young man. We’ve heard so much about you. Let’s hope you are as fun-loving as your grandsire.” “Ah, Thank you?” Stammered Emcorae, “Helena.” Assisted El-Janus. “She is an advisor to the Arbola Council, and…” With a young elfess called NathilyContinue reading “3.30 Arbola”

3.28 The Wooden Sword

Location: Montaven and beyondTimeline: Sixth Age, 46th Year, Autumn A fortnight later, Beckali, Alboris, Alfranco, Paulina, Teree, and Chich cried together whilst they watched Emcorae ride away from home in the company of a mysterious little elf that only Alfranco knew anything about. The old man had introduced the Amorosi as El-Janus — that same azoraContinue reading “3.28 The Wooden Sword”

3.25 Enemy at The Gates

Location: MonthavenTimeline:  Sixth Age, 46th Year, Spring Emcorae Azop had just done the unthinkable – he’d escaped the clutches of a gargoyle by racing through the woods of Monthaven and eventually making his way to the sanctuary of town’s church. Although the boys was initially surprised (and scared) when he discovered the chapel’s doors locked,Continue reading “3.25 Enemy at The Gates”

3.23 Catch Me if You Can

Location: MonthavenTimeline:  Sixth Age, 46th Year, Spring Unfortunately I have to relate another story about the human child Emcorae Azop. I know, it’s tedious, and I find it all rather distasteful because it’s another example of Alyssa meddling in my business by using my baals, but it’s relevant to our discussion so here goes. “OverContinue reading “3.23 Catch Me if You Can”