Creation Myths of the Clans

Chapter 2 of Book 1 (Genesis Revisited) presented you with Nektar’s version of Creation, however the remaining people of TerrVerde had vastly different beliefs about how their world (aka our world) came into existence. If you’ve interested, consider the following tales (be sure to refer back to the page on Supreme Beings if you want more info about any of the gods’ names referenced here)…

ENOKS: Because of their ancestry (via Enok, Zeth, and Adam), the Enoks believed in a “Genesis” story of creation similar to that told in our modern day Bible with Yahway as their God.

DROKKA: The Drokka believe there was a Great Katastrophe that split the Darkness and that He Who Has No Name (HWHNN) emerged through the rip in the Darkness. HWHNN brought Light into the Dark. He fought the darkness and with his fists and boots he punched and kicked the Wastelands of Eternity into Creation. First he created Astengarten as a home for himself that he could return to when he needed to rest. Then later he created Mittengarten and breathed Life into it so that world could grow on its own. But the Darkness rebelled and spit out Baal to combat HWHNN. Those two powerful gods fought and whenever they missed with a punch or a kick, their hands/boots tore the Darkness and thus the stars were created (punctures in the fabric of the Darkness). One day while HWHNN was sleeping in Astengarten, Baal snuck in and with a mighty axe he chopped off the top of HWHNN’s skull; thinking he had killed HWHNN Baal left, but….HWHNN was NOT dead, instead, out from his skull poured the god Myndoz (the God of Intelligence and Healing) and Myndoz healed HWHNN. Then HWHNN secretly created a plane of the universe called ‘Ragnaroken’ while Myndoz secretly created the Balkeryz (Fates/Angels). When Baal found out that HWHNN was not dead he was very angry. HWHNN then challenged Baal to another fight and told the latter that he had built a place where they could fight to the death and not be disturbed — thus HWHNN tricked Baal into coming to Ragnaroken to fight him, but when Baal came there HWHNN, Mydoz and the Balkeryz all overpowered Baal and imprisoned him in the Ragnaroken. And Baal has been there ever since.

DERKKA: Given their lineage (via Kane), the Derrka believe Baal and Yahway were brothers who became the architects of creation – with Mittengarten (our earth) being the first of their works. Next they created other lesser gods (angels) to serve them. However when Yahway wanted to usurp all power for himself, Baal overcame him and imprisoned Yahway in the heavens (Astengarten). Baal then fashioned the Ragnaroken (the all-powerful lower plane) as a glorious home for himself, as well as Kawkawzuz (a spirit world between Mittengarten and Ragnaroken) where the Derkka and Drokka both go after death so that they can engage in eternal combat as a form of worship for Baal.

AMOROSI: El-Aba was the first. Then came Zebu. El-Aba created Illyria to please Zebu. Then he created Substance (our world) upon Zebu’s request and gave it a life of its own. When Zebu saw the first ‘gods’ of Substance appeared (Gaia and Pan) and realized they had the power to create things, Zebu grew angry and left El-Aba. Zebu fled to the Darkness; later Zebu created Illusia for his own home. Back in Illyria, Madras came into being as a new companion for El-Aba . Later El-Aba and Madras created Mindos and a host of lumenarcs (angels). On Substance the other gods came into being in their own times (Rhokii, Alyssa, Oceanus) and they each played a part in filling Substance with life (and people). In Illusia, Zebu created the evil gods (Azazel, Myzentius, Sinda) and baals (demons) in an effort to fight against El-Aba and thus began the eternal struggle of Evil versus Goodness.

MYLARS: Formerly there was just AA (pronounced “AH”). Then, for reasons unknown, AA split into Aa and Ze. Together they created Aria (the heavens) with their voices (alto and bass). But Ze got mad at Aa and left Aria. Aa created Gaia (our earth and its first godling) as a gift for Ze to try to convince Ze to come back to Aria but Ze shunned Gaia and instead created Its own world – Zu. Meanwhile Gaia herself gave berth to the other gods that helped her to fill our earth with life. At the same time, Ze found that It was trapped in Zu and blamed this on Aa so Ze created Its own lesser gods (Aza, Araz, Syn) and a host of demon spirits and sent them back to Gaia to destroy our world and eventually all of creation.

CENTAUR: Amun-Sol created the universe with his breath (this process spawned our Aerth). Amun-Sol and his wife Luna watch over the Aerth from above (in the Hayvens). After their first son Aalu rebelled and created Allatu (hell), Amun-Sol and Luna gave birth to Astaroth (the god of Wisdom). In the meantime, Aerth produced its own gods and good creatures, while Aalu in Allatu created the evil gods and sent them to Aerth to destroy it.

OTHERS: Other than a few scraps already referenced on the pages concerning Nektar, Myzentius, and Innana, I was not able to locate much else regarding the creation stories of the Myz, Vizigobs, Serpens, Varulfs, Vampira, or Kretinz. All of these clans seemed to believe that some version of of the god we’re calling Nektar (which they called Shedu Mazai or The Shaitan) was responsible for the creation of the world, but their religions (what they had of them) didn’t provide much beyond that. If you can find this information, please let me know.

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