The Gods of TerrVerde (Chart)

This page shows a chart below with the various names of the gods of TerrVerde. It’s good for a quick reference. However for more detailed info about the gods, use the submenu of this page or the following links:

  1. Supreme Beings and their Heavenly Hosts
  2. The Gods of Evil
  3. The God of Death
  4. Other Immortals

Meanwhile, here is the basic chart…

A few points to keep in mind about this chart:

  • I have tried to organize the information in such a way that you can compare how the different tribes viewed ‘similar’ gods (for example 9 tribes believed in a “God of Lust”), however please keep in mind that even though many tribes have similar gods, their viewpoints on that deity were vastly different.
  • Of even greater importance is the fact that  there is no cut and dry method to say whether a god is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – that depends on the perspective of the people (perfect example: the Enoks worshipped a god called “Yahway” as their creator god, while the Derkka viewed that same god as the source of evil!
  • The blue highlights indicate the gods of primary importance to the people of that column. So for example, Rhokii (the God of Strength) is the primary deity worshipped by the Drokka – even though the deity they believe is the most powerful in the universe is a being they only refer to as “He Who Has No Name.” Also on interest here is the fact that (perhaps not surprisingly) the Nephilim tribes ( aka those people who were created as a result of fallen angels mixing with humans) tended to hold the lumenarcs who produced them as their primary gods, and those mortals whose ancestry traces back to experiments conducted by Nektar, tended to hold him as their penultimate deity.
  • More will be revealed in the pages of the book.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to see a larger view, click on the pic below…


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