The Gods – The God of Death

This reference provides more information about the deities that the clans believed to be the God of Death. Remember, if you just want a quick reference to keep track of the names and basic info, be sure to view the “Gods of TerrVerde Chart.” 

The God of Death
But for the Enoks (who considered Baal to be both the god of Evil and Death), all the other clans recognized a separate deity as “The God of Death.” So popular in legend was this figure that he was known by countless names, these included (but were not limited to) “Nektar, Azazal, Aza, The Black Ymir, Shedu Mazai, and the Shaitan.” In addition to these formal names, many clans had other monikers for this god which included “The Bone Collector, The Death Reaper, The Black One, Grim Death, The Cursed One, The Skull Man, The Unholy One, The Plague Bearer, The Black Harvester of Souls,” and of course simply “Death.” In our story, Death is the star of the show and my research indicated that this deity was the most intelligent of any of the gods (save The Supreme Being and his son), and he was by far the most scheming; truly this figure was a mastermind and his grand plans knew no bounds.

A) Azazel of the Amorosi: Once again we turn to Amorosi lore for the most descriptive information about a god. Their art often depicted Azazel as a skeletal wraith-like figure inside flowing black robes (very similar to our modern day “Grim Reaper”). Azazel was held to a ‘fallen’ lumenarc (aka one who sided with Zebu during the rebellion against El-Aba). Azazel was believed to be Zebu’s (later known as “Baal-Zebub”) most trusted advisor and therefore Baal-Zebub (BZ) showed Azazel SOME of his secrets of creation (but NOT all) hoping that this knowledge would help Azazel secure a release for BZ from Illusia. To accomplish this feat, BZ sent Azazel to Substance (earth) with a mission to try to destroy our planet (which was believed to be the gateway between the Planes). But Azazel had other plans — using the knowledge he gained from El-Aba and BZ, Azazel first began experimenting with all forms of living things on Substance in order to understand how to create Life on his own – in this regard Azazel was (the first) evil genomist and he used his black magic to create an innumerable number of ghastly abominations (for example, the Myz, Vizigobs, Serpens, Varulfs, Lepeds, and Vampira). In addition, Azazel  was the first to discover the secrets of necromancy and therefore he could raise the dead — by using this skill he was able to gain much information from the souls of the corpses he forced to suffer his presence. Azazel was also a soul hoarder (aka he stole souls — after which they remained inside him, trapped there and Azazel’s size grew with the more souls he hoarded over time. But while Azazel was a soul hoarder, his master BZ was the Soul Eater — and when Azazel returned to Illusia to get more <hellfire> lifeforce (which often meant he was full of souls), BZ stole all of Azazel’s souls and ate them (and when BZ consumed a soul it was destroyed for all eternity). After leaving BZ,  Azazel was again an empty skeleton but full of <hellfire> so he could return again to The Middle Plane.  In addition to his experiments, Azazel hoped to discover ALL the secrets of creation and ultimately to become the ruler of all the planes of existence by overthrowing the supreme powers of both BZ and El-Aba. The Amorosi believed that Azazel could not be killed by any mortal upon substance unless they wielded the dagger Dagal (a weapon created by BZ) or the dagger Grim (a weapon created by the drokka Hef Faestuz in partnership with the gods Rhokii and Mindos). Furthermore, Amorosi lore states that Azazel’s return from Illusia to Substance forced the creation of the volcanic area now known as “Azazel’s Cauldron” which was also the Substance entrance to the Stairway of Infinity (the gateway to Illusia). In addition, his initial cataclysmic arrival on the middle plane was held to be directly responsible for triggering the “release” of the Substance brother godlings Promesius and Oceaus which first established them as separate entities.

B) Nektar of the Drokka/Derkka: The Drokka fear him (as a servant of Baal) while the Derkka worship him as Baal’s son and their savior god. For both he appears in a form similar to Azazel of the Amorosi – as a skeletal figure in flowing black robes. Nektar is the god who transports the dead souls of the Drokka/Derkka to the afterlife world of Kawkawzuz so that they may engage in eternal battle against one another.

C) Aza of the Mylars: he is the black cloud that hands over the world. He is a giant (compared to the wee mylars) skeleton who seeks to eat them and destroy their souls.

D) The Black Ymir: The Centaurs legends call the Azazel of the elves by this name. Otherwise he is largely the same deity.

E) Shedu Mazai: although similar in appearance to Azazel, Shedu Mazai is THE primary god for the evil clans of Varulfs, Vampira, and Kretinz, (he was also their creator), but he is the god of evil and death for the Vizigobs and the Serpens (even though he created them as well).

F) The Shaitan: The is the name of the god of death for The Myz; otherwise he is similar to Shedu Mazai.



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