The Gods – The God of Evil

This reference provides more information about the deities that the clans believed to be the God of Evil (aka our modern day “Devil”). Remember, if you just want a quick reference to keep track of the names and basic info, be sure to view the “Gods of TerrVerde Chart.” 

The God of Evil
Description: The Enoks, Drokka, Amorosi (Baal-Zebub), and Centaurs (Baalu) all believe in a version of this deity as their primary ‘devil’ god but each clan had some unique views…

A) Baal of the Enoks: Baal can take MANY forms, but mostly he is thought of as a humanoid monster with burning flesh that is ever on fire and who walks with cloven feet, has a spiked tail and tongue, and has a massive curved horn that juts out of his forehead. The Enok faith says that Baal was a spirit of Zyon who rebelled against Yahway and wanted to make himself God. Baal is believed to have created Hel and is the Master of Evil. He seeks to capture the souls of men and burn them in his fiery pits to torture them and take pleasure for himself in hurting Yahway. Since Baal is the only evil god of the Enoks, he is known by MANY names. He has the power to travel from the nether world up to earth and even to Zyon (but the Enoks believe Baal would be quickly expelled if he tried to go there). In addition, Baal created many evil creatures – his most powerful are the myz and the gargoyles.

B) Baal of the Drokka: His appearance is the same as the version of Baal whom the Derkka hold as their supreme being (see 1C of The Supreme Beings). Although Baal has become trapped in Ragnaroken, he has discovered a way to attack HWHNN by trying to destroy Mittengarten so he created Nektar and sent him to Mittengarten. Nektar then created a host of evil creatures and set them to attacking the good work of Rhokii and Kalypzo. So Rhokii and Kalypzo created the Drokka to help them combat the evil creatures and they have been doing that ever since. Meanwhile Baal also created the evil gods Naxos, Zar, and Hekubuz to help Nektar destroy the Drokka, but none of them have been successful…yet. It should be noted that the Drokka actually believe that evil WILL WIN in the end since they feel it is inevitable that Baal will eventually break free of his prison world when ‘The Ragnarok’ (aka “End of the World”) comes to pass — then it will be that Baal will not only gain freedom but also that The God of Evil and Darkness will overcome all. That is when Darkness will once again encompasses all of creation (including HWHNN) — just as it was in The Time Before. This event is inevitable, the Drokka only fight to forestall it.

C) Baal-Zebub (BZ) of the Amorosi: Interestingly enough, the Amorosi’s version of this god’s description matches almost exactly with the way Nektar describes his master in Chapter 9 The Travesty (one half of Its body was beautiful, the other defiled). In terms of BZ’s origin, the Amorosi hold that the entity was first called “Zebu,” and that It was a companion of El-Aba, however it is unknown if Zebu was created by El-Aba or if It was once a part of El-Aba and later split off into Its own entity, however it is a certainty that Zebu was once “good” (in that It once lived in harmony with El-Aba for time uncounted). Illyria (the heavens), the lumenarc (servant angels), The Middle Plane, and even Substance (earth) were all created by El-Aba to please Zebu, but this wasn’t enough to satisfy the latter. Zebu rebelled against El-Aba, but failed. Zebu and a host of ‘fallen’ lumenarcs were subsequently driven out of Illyria by lumenarcs loyal to El-Aba. After a brief sojourn in The Middle Plane, Zebu created Illusia – in the process unwittingly capturing Itself therein. At this point, Zebu sent some of the fallen lumenarcs (Nektar, Myzentius and Sindra) to Substance, hoping they could destroy that planet as the first step towards finding away out of Illusia for Zebu. When things began to take longer than Zebu wanted, It created the baals (demons) and sent them to Substance as well – this is when Zebu renamed himself “Baal-Zebub” (aka “Lord of the Demons). BZ’s ultimate goal is to  He control all three planes of the universe and to thus become The Master of All.

D) Baalu of the Centaurs: Originally named “Aalu”, the Centuars believe that this god is the son of Amun-Sol and Luna, and the brother of Astaroth. Aalu rebelled against his family and tried to make himself Lord of the Hayvens but he failed in the attempt. Cast out of paradise and into the fiery pits of a demon world, Aalu finally found a realm he could be master of. This world of lava which is in a plane between the planes is where Aalu now resides — he fills this domain with his presence and rules without compassion – ever hoping for a day when he can become strong enough to overthrow his father. Aalu has since renamed himself “Baalu” and he has created a host of evil gods and demons to terrorize our world.

E) Others
Other clans consider different gods as their embodiment of evil. For the Derkka, it’s The Enoks Yayway (see 1-A of The Supreme Beings); the Vizigobs and Serpens believe it’s Shedu Mazai (a version of Nektar); while the Myz and Kretinz say it’s Loki (their name for Rhokii). These will be discussed on the specific pages devoted to those gods.


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