The People of TerrVerde

The chart below shows the various names of the various people/tribes of TerrVerde. You’ll find information about their appearance, what language they spoke, where they generally lived, who their allies/enemies were, what type of religion they practiced (including which gods they worshipped/feared, and what their desired afterlife was). You’ll note that some information is missing (indicated by the “??” symbols – if you can fill in the blanks, please let me know).

This first chart shows the tribes of humans who traced their roots back to either Kane or Zeth (via Enok):

Here is a chart of the Nephilim (those mortals whose ancestry was a result of fallen angels coupling with humans):

Finally, here is a chart of those mortals whose roots go back to experiments conducted by Nektar:

Here is a gallery that shows all these images in a larger format…


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