3.13 – Secrets of an Old Man

Location: MonthavenTimeline:  Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn Do you ever experience a sense of tedium in your job? Believe me I know the feeling. I’m wearing myself out trying to tell you about Emcorae and yet I can’t seem to be done with this part of the story. Thankfully, we come to a chapter inContinue reading “3.13 – Secrets of an Old Man”

3.10 – All Hail The King

Location: Monthaven (1)Timeline: Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn (2) I guess I can’t delay this part any longer – it’s time for me to finally tell you about the pesky little Emcorae Azop and his old fool of a grandfather Alfranco, Al-Corragio, or whatever his real name was. I must lament again the fact thatContinue reading “3.10 – All Hail The King”