Book II – The War of The Ghast

Book II of The Apocrypha of Azazel is The War of the Ghast. It tells the tale of Hacktor Derkillez, a legendary king of the Drokka clan, who is given a weapon of mass destruction (The Ghast) by the God of Death and encouraged to make war against his rivals. With The Ghast, Hacktor believes he will surely lead his people to victory, earn fame and fortune for himself; while Azazel plans to use the war to further his own grand plans.  Unfortunately for both, there are other players involved in The War of The Ghast who will push them down a far different path than either of them could have imagined.

Authors Notes:

  • In this book, the god Azazel goes by the name Nektar since that is the Drokka’s name for The God of Death.

War of the Ghast

1 – Seek Ye The Light!
2 – Baal-Zebub
3 – The Best Laid Plains
4 – A New Hope
5 – The Pawn of Prophecy
6 – Baldur the Bold
7 – The Price of Wood
8 – The Lovers
9 – The Twins
10 – Tonight’s Visitor
11 – The Rundown
12 – The Coming of the King
13 – The Twin Towers Conspiracy
14 – The Well of Wyzdom
15 – Fires of the Forge
16 – The Gifts
17 – War!
18 – Gwar Calling
19 – The Myz
20 – Chaldea
21 – The Golden Hand
22 – The Moment
23 – The Pine Bender
24 – Epilogue: That Loving Touch

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