3.13 – Secrets of an Old Man

Location: MonthavenTimeline:  Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn Do you ever experience a sense of tedium in your job? Believe me I know the feeling. I’m wearing myself out trying to tell you about Emcorae and yet I can’t seem to be done with this part of the story. Thankfully, we come to a chapter inContinue reading “3.13 – Secrets of an Old Man”

3.11 – The Mysstro

Location: Monthaven Timeline: Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn Emcorae Azop’s grandfather Alfranco was continuing the regale the crowd at The Brandonale Inn with his stories about The Last Great War. He’d just made mention of the famous Azora warrior El-Janus. (1) “Janice? That’s a girl’s name, ain’t it?” One of the guys laughed. “Hey, what’sContinue reading “3.11 – The Mysstro”

3.10 – All Hail The King

Location: Monthaven (1)Timeline: Sixth Age, 45th Year, Mid-Autumn (2) I guess I can’t delay this part any longer – it’s time for me to finally tell you about the pesky little Emcorae Azop and his old fool of a grandfather Alfranco, Al-Corragio, or whatever his real name was. I must lament again the fact thatContinue reading “3.10 – All Hail The King”